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Legutóbbi listafrissités ideje: 2001. június 25. hétfô

’d????ream) version 20/4-6

’N Sync: Here we go 94/2/10

µ-Ziq: Tango n’vectif 49/1/8

007: 118/2

1,2&3 Reflect 234/5

100 Folk Celsius Három aranyásó 38/2

100 Folk Celsius Vidéki kislány 38/1

100 Folk Celsius Vidéki kislány(long vers.) 38/3

100%: Power of the light 13/1/7

2 Bigg feat.Marilyn I got the music in me 251/7

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Can’t help myself 64/9

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Dance with me 64/7

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Do it 64/6

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Dreams 61/9

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Dreams 64/1

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Dreams will come alive 21/1/8

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Dreams(twenty 4 seven trance mix) 64/11

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Feel so good 64/5

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor I can’t believe it 64/3

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Let me be free 64/4

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Never alone 61/10

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Never alone 64/2

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Never alone(beats ’r’ us mix) 64/12

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Smile 64/8

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Turn da music up 64/10

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor Turn da music up(beats ’r’ us mix) 64/13

2 Fabiola: Play this song 102/14

2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog: Doo doo brown 14/2/9

2 Pac: Changes 172/7

2 Ruff: Owner of a lonely heart 163/2/4

2 Unlimited Back into the groove 246/5

2 Unlimited Be free tonight 246/10

2 Unlimited Burning like fire 82/4

2 Unlimited Close 2U 246/4

2 Unlimited Do what I like 82/2

2 Unlimited Do what’s good for me 55/1/6

2 Unlimited Escape in music 82/8

2 Unlimited Face to face 82/11

2 Unlimited Get ready for this 280/8

2 Unlimited Here I go 82/3

2 Unlimited Here I go version 63/1-5

2 Unlimited Hypnotised 82/6

2 Unlimited I am ready 246/7

2 Unlimited Info superhighway 82/5

2 Unlimited Jump for joy 116/9

2 Unlimited Let’s celebrate 246/9

2 Unlimited Maximum overdrive 249/9

2 Unlimited Move on up 246/8

2 Unlimited Never surrender 246/3

2 Unlimited No one 13/1/3

2 Unlimited No one 82/10

2 Unlimited Nothing like the rain 82/13

2 Unlimited Sensuality 82/9

2 Unlimited Someon to get here 246/6

2 Unlimited The edge of heaven 246/2

2 Unlimited The real thing 82/1

2 Unlimited Tribal dance 202/1/1

2 Unlimited Tuning into something wild 82/7

2 Unlimited Wanna get up 246/1

2 Unlimited What’s mine is mine 82/12

20 Fingers feat. Gillette: Mr personality 29/1/12

20 Fingers feat. Roula: Lick it 197/(5)=6!

3rd Nation I believe 197/(7)=8!

3rd Nation Real love 102/26

4 F-Club Balatoni láz 83/1

4 F-Club Félember vagyok 83/2

4 F-Club Túladagolás 83/3

4 Safe Big-big world 275/3

49ers: Touch me 170/1/12

5 Blind Boys Of Missisippi Whisper a sweet prayer (gospel) 220/4

5000 Volts: I’m on fire 11/11

666 Alarma 166/1/9

666 Diablo 163/1/17

666 Diablo 215/2/9

740 Boyz: Bump bump 102/7

7-Tease feat. The working girls: 7-tease(version) 184/1-2

808 State: Bond 196/1/7

99th Floor Elevators feat. Tony De Vit: Hooked 34/2/13


A Gouldenburgok öröksége filmzene: 100/23

A profi filmzene: 100/5

A Step Beyond feat.Kelly Whitatker Got 2 love me 280/9

A.D.A.M. feat.Amy Zombie 216/11

A.K.S.W.I.F.T.: Light in me 94/2/8

Aaliyah: The thing I like 34/2/6

AB Logic: Rel world 17/4

Abbacadabra Dancing queen 253/8

Abfahrt Come into my life 286/1/14

Abigail Constant craving 253/10

Abigail Constant craving 254/2

Abigail Could it be magic 254/11

Abigail Don’t tell me why 254/9

Abigail Don’t you wanna know 254/3

Abigail Feel good 254/6

Abigail How can you call it love 254/4

Abigail Losing my religion 254/5

Abigail Smells like teen spirit 251/13

Abigail Smells like teen spirit(guitar vocal radio) 254/1

Abigail Smells like teen spirit(original) 254/12

Abigail Stop the hands of time 254/7

Abigail Twist in my sobriety 254/8

Abigail What goes around comes around 254/10

Ab-O-Vo A mester 22/6

Ab-O-Vo A tükörben 22/4

Ab-O-Vo Amiről nem tudok 22/11

Ab-O-Vo Ébredés 22/13

Ab-O-Vo Fújd el a gyertyát 22/12

Ab-O-Vo Gyere már 22/10

Ab-O-Vo Indul az élet 22/2

Ab-O-Vo Mozdulat 22/9

Ab-O-Vo Szép világ 22/7

Ab-O-Vo Üres az éjjel 22/1

Ab-O-Vo Vad éjjelek 22/3

Ab-O-Vo Valaki vár 22/8

Ab-O-Vo Zuhanás közben 22/5

Abschied der gladiatoren 75/16

Acapulco H.E.A.T.: I feel the heat 116/14

Ace Of Base All that she wants 260/3

Acid Loop Maximum peak 212/9

Acido feat.Bryan Sanders Di da di dam versions 225/1-4

Adeva: I thank you 122/4

Adil: Koub lia 244/4

Adjon Isten jóéjszakát 108/18

Aerobic Junhy: From the top 102/23

African meeting (relax) 218/6

African Vibes Bumschakatak 229/1/11

African Vibes Hit the rasta 229/2/1

African Vibes Papa don 229/1/1

After Hour After hour 270/5

AFX aka Aphex Twin: .215061 49/2/3

Age: Eine fremde lebensform 49/2/11

Air Liquide: Theme from robot wars 49/1/12

Akin: Private party version 131/1-5

Alan Barry: Hie hie hie 170/2/17

Alan Ross: Valentino mon amour 170/2/4

Albert One: For your love 170/1/8

Aleph: Fly to me 170/2/5

Alex Party: Wrap me up 55/2/9

Alexandra Caprino Angelo 28265

Alexandra Caprino Lamore fa cieco it's crazy 283/2

Alice Cooper Ain’t just like a women 252/10

Alice Deejay: Better off alone 183/5

Alina: Nur für dich 166/2/4

Alis Let it out 271/4

All About Girls: Missing 102/25

Alte kameraden 75/7

Alvajárók Feel this kinda way 16/4

Alvajárók Törd szét 16/3

Alvajárók Törd szét(club mix) 16/1

Alvajárók Vigyázz rá 16/2

Aly-Us Follow me 280/1

Amadeus: Delta 91/3

Amadin: U make me feel alright 17/16

Amanda Marshall Fall from grace 188/1

Amanda Marshall Last exit to eden 188/2

American Force: Rock sensation 202/2/15

Amii Stewart Knock on wood 222/4

Amok: Your love 197/(3)=4!

Ámokfutók City Dibidy 54/10

Ámokfutók Dj Aladdin 54/2

Ámokfutók Dr Magic 37/3

Ámokfutók Dr Magic 54/8

Ámokfutók Dzsungeltánc 54/1

Ámokfutók Égess el! 54/5

Ámokfutók Ez egy őrült party! 37/2

Ámokfutók Ez egy őrült party! 54/12

Ámokfutók Hé! Ha már csókolsz 54/9

Ámokfutók Napfogyatkozás 54/13

Ámokfutók Rap-szolga song 54/6

Ámokfutók Szekszekszpressz 54/4

Ámokfutók Szomorú szamuráj 37/1

Ámokfutók Szomorú szamuráj 54/3

Ámokfutók Te nem vagy angyal 54/11

Ámokfutók Varázsolj el! 54/7

Amorph: Sunflow 65/2/4

Amour(c’mon) 143/15

Amr Diab Habibe 221/16

Amy Grant Big yellow taxi 98/7

Amy Grant Children of the world 98/12

Amy Grant Helping hand 98/8

Amy Grant House of love 98/4

Amy Grant Love has a hold on me 98/10

Amy Grant Lucky one 98/1

Amy Grant Oh how the years go by 98/6

Amy Grant Our love 98/11

Amy Grant Politics of kissing 98/9

Amy Grant Say you’ll be mine 98/2

Amy Grant The power 98/5

Amy Grant Whatever it takes 98/3

Andalucia Riverdance 262/10

Ando Drom: Lindráji szi 87/14

Andre Van Duin: De buurtsuper 120/19

Andreas Dorau Das telefon sagt du 146/19

Andreas Dorau&Die Marinas: Fred vom Jupiter 76/2/1

Andy Hello baby 136/11

Andy Hírek 136/65-74

Andy Kiss me, hit me 287/1

Andy Kunkyanshi 287/2

Andy Reklámok 136/21-50

Andy Semmi értelme 287/3

Andy Tempo 136/46

Andy vs Run DMC Csiki-csuki 136/60

Andy+Lali Gerappa (ökörkör) 279/1

Andy+Lali Kiss me, hit me 287/1

Angels (relax) 218/1

Anima Sound System: Csángó 91/12

Animal Cannibals Állat kannibálok 36/3

Animal Cannibals Átlagos genkszter 36/14

Animal Cannibals Az év 100-ad bünügye 36/7

Animal Cannibals Buli vonal 36/12

Animal Cannibals Egy telepi srác napja 36/10

Animal Cannibals Eniböl kennibölsz 36/2

Animal Cannibals F.F.F.F. 36/5

Animal Cannibals Gettó gyerekek 36/6

Animal Cannibals Gyülöllek te hájpacni 36/4

Animal Cannibals Hagyományos raplemez 36/15

Animal Cannibals Hangya a gatyában 281/1

Animal Cannibals Kapd ki a hajam 36/16

Animal Cannibals Kezeketamagasba 36/8

Animal Cannibals Ne menj, ha H.I.V. a lány 36/9

Animal Cannibals Neked ez így yo? 36/13

Animal Cannibals Takarítónő (felmosó rongy remiksz) 36/19

Animal Cannibals Takarítónő 36/1

Animal Cannibals Tudod, az élet szép 36/18

Animal Cannibals Ülünk a vonaton 36/11

Animal Cannibals Yozsefváros 36/17

Anita Adams: All my love 25/8

Anita Ward: Ring my bell 11/9

Ann Lee Voices 227/15

Ann Stuart The beginning 283/10

Annie Lennox: A whiter shade of pale 51/16

Antomo Ritmo de la noche 219/6

Antonomasia: And I’ll be there 34/2/11

Antony G Ariva 283/14

Antony G Blame it on the sun 282/3

Antony G Forever mine 283/3

Antony G Move to the rhythm 283/1

Antony G Stand up 282/6

Antony G Tell me/a better love 284/2

Apache Indian Bhangra flava 132/3

Apache Indian Blakkat mindfunk 132/4

Apache Indian Lovin let me love you (masters of sound) 132/2

Apache Indian Lovin let me love you 132/1

Apotheosis Dance te night away 249/10

Apukám világa 59/1-3

Aqua Doctor Jones 215/1/15

Aqualite: Artifical dream 65/2/7

Arab előadók zenéi 243/1-15

Arab előadók zenéi 244/1-12

Are you ready 257/8

Armand Van Heldon Witch doctor 248/6

Army Of Lovers Crucified 260/10

Arpeggiators: The doors of perception 196/1/1

Arrow: Back in the house 166/1/4

Artful Dodger feat.Romina Johnson Movin' to fast 277/4

Artikulációk 136/1-60

Asha I can 284/6

Ashanti Crocket’s theme 229/1/6

Ashanti Ragga 2 body 229/2/5

Assault on precinct 13: 118/5

Astronuts Spoetnik 286/1/6

Aswad: You’re no good 146/14

Átdolgozások (külföldi, 1991) 187/1-16

Atlantic Ocean: Waterfall 21/2/3

Atom Heart: I see more 49/2/9

Attraction: I’ve got 2 have your love 116/12

Atusa See it 275/5

Auld lang syne 108/17

Aural Float: Dub up the virus 196/2/6

Aus Party: Wat een fest(Spread your love) 142/6

Autechre: Doctrine 49/1/7

Avas Rádió szignálok 56/1-82

Ave Maria(mix) 239/10

Axel F: 118/8


B.B.E.: Seven days and one week 104/2/2

B.G. The Prince Of Rap: Jump to this 104/2/14

B.G. The Prince Of Rap: Rock a bit 27/4

B.K.S. Living in ecstasy 280/15

B-15 Project feat.Crissy D&Lady G Girls like us 277/9

Babos: Eighth wonder 53/7

Baby’s Gang: Happy song 170/2/15

Babylon Zoo: Spaceman 122/5

Bach: Ave Maria 108/4

Back To Basics All for love 251/8

Backstreet Boys All i have to give 163/1/7

Backstreet Boys Get down 104/1/4

Backstreet Boys Larger than life 198/12

Backstreet Boys We’ve got it goin’ on 120/8

Backstreet Boyz We’ve got it going on 116/10

Bacon Popper Free 275/8

Bacon Popper Rejoice in lve 275/1

Bad Boys: Papaumana 127/7

Bad Manners: Can can 167/4

Baila al ritmo 133/7

Balaton: Prológus 87/10

Bamboo Bamboogie 215/2/17

Bamboo Bamboogie(12”vocalmix) 221/9

Bamboo Bamboogie 163/1/15

Bananarama Every shade of blue 216/10

Bandi Jáger Jesus 69/3

Bandi Jáger Love song 69/12

Bandi Jáger Say that you love me 69/9

Bandi Jáger Stand up 69/8

Bangles Walk like an Egyptian 260/15

Barbara Tucker Stay together 248/13

Barbara Tucker: Beautiful people 93/7

Barracuda Barracuda 284/13

Barry White Can’t get enough of your love, babe 260/13

Basic Connection Angel 275/10

Basic Emotion Don't cry for me Argentina 271/7

Basis: Ich liebe mich 163/1/4

Bass Bumbers Keep on pushing 29/2/3

Bass Bumbers The music’s got me 104/1/8

Bay watch filmzene: 100/17

BBE: Desire 166/1/2

BC Dance: Rain 122/12

BC-DC Atomic mind 212/11

Be Noir: It’s gonna be alright 25/3

Beach Babe: In de zon(Sexy eyes) 142/14

Beachball 143/5

Beast Of Eden: Jig-a-jig 21/2/13

Beats International: Change your mind 35/3

Beats-O-Matic: Motorcity mix 202/1/9

Beaumont Hannant: Teqtonik 49/1/2

Beautiful life (sybersoundmixes) 272/3

Bed&Breakfast: If I could change the world 68/2/17

BeeGees: Alone 94/2/1

Beetle songs 217/1-12

Bellini: Samba de Janeiro 94/2/13

Ben Zimet Firen di machateneste ahaim 84/7

Ben Zimet Freilachs 84/3

Ben Zimet Lomir zich iberbetn 84/2

Ben Zimet Moide ani lefanecha 84/9

Ben Zimet Yankele 84/6

Benkő László Boldog magány 3/12

Benkő László Elégia 3/3

Benkő László Emlék 3/5

Benkő László Etüd 3/8

Benkő László Fel a fejjel 3/7

Benkő László Ha itt a hajnal 3/1

Benkő László Illúzió 3/6

Benkő László Nincs esély 3/9

Benkő László Pardon 3/13

Benkő László Szeress 3/10

Benkő László Tök jó most 3/4

Benkő László Új holnap 3/2

Benkő László Út a távolba 3/11

Berri: The sunshine after the rain 34/1/2

Bestiák: Nem elég version 176/1-5

Big Boss Man feat.Johnny Rhodes Matilda 285/11

Big Louie: French kiss 167/7

Big Shara E.: Where ever I lay my hat 14/1/9

Bill Whelan Andalucia 262/10

Bill Whelan Home and the heartland 262/11

Bill Whelan Lift the wings 262/8

Bill Whelan Martha’s dance/ The russian dervish 262/9

Bill Whelan The harvest 262/12

Billi Evers Crazy german 275/13

Billy Ocean: Love really hurts without you 11/7

Bindu feat.Sheena We’ve got feelings too 230/2/5

Bindu with Dance Music Federation Nastik 230/2/12

Bindu with Dance Music Federation Shakin shankar 230/2/7

Biosphere: The fairy tale 49/1/6

Bishop Lift me up 216/12

Bizarre Inc. feat. Angie Brown: I’m gonna get you 26/8

Bizarre Inc. I’m gonna get you 19/4

BKS Astroplane 248/1

Bla Bla Posse: Bougez! 195/8

Black Attack: Bang bang 94/2/16

Black Label Volume One a side 286/2/5

Black or white 187/16

Black Scorpio Time travelling 286/2/7

Black velvet 160/2

Blade runner: 118/6

Blank&Jones: Heartbeat 163/1/11

Blind Boys I found a friend (gospel) 220/1

Blondie: Nothing is real but the girl 183/6

Blue comet blues 130/5

Blue Hawaii 130/4

Blue Lagoon The sweetest dream 214/3

Blue moon 130/6

Blue suede shoes 130/3

Blue System: Laila 55/1/13

Blümchen Boomerang 104/1/10

Blümchen Kleine satellit 68/1/3

Bo Diddley: Bo Diddley 152/7

Bobby Brown: Humpin’ around 34/1/19

Bobby Darin Mack the knife 30/4

Bobby Darin Queen of the hop 30/11

Bobby Darin Splish splash 152/10

Bohannon: Disco stomp 12/2

Bolero: I wish 14/2/7

Bomfunk Mc’s Freestyler 233/2

Bomfunk Mc’s Freestyler versions 233/1,3,4

Bomfunk Mc's Freestyler 277/1

Bon Jovi Been hurt 169/2

Bon Jovi Open your heart 252/9

Bon Jovi Real life 169/1

Bon Jovi Streetwalkin’ Ed 169/3

Bonanza Banzai A jel 110/7

Bonanza Banzai A megváltó 110/8

Bonanza Banzai Adjon Isten... 110/18

Bonanza Banzai Barátom 111/7

Bonanza Banzai C’mon start the banzai(induljon a banzáj) 110/1

Bonanza Banzai Calypso 110/11

Bonanza Banzai Colours(színek) 110/2

Bonanza Banzai Coming around(eszmélés) 110/5

Bonanza Banzai Dúdolni halkan 111/8

Bonanza Banzai Érints meg 111/3

Bonanza Banzai Evlyn Roe 111/2

Bonanza Banzai Félelem I 110/12

Bonanza Banzai Félelem II 110/13

Bonanza Banzai Jóslat 111/1

Bonanza Banzai Kezemet nyújtom 111/12

Bonanza Banzai Kicsi szív 110/10

Bonanza Banzai Kihalt minden 110/14

Bonanza Banzai Ladies from that house 111/6

Bonanza Banzai Ladies from that house(hölgyek abból a házból) 110/4

Bonanza Banzai Ne titkold 110/17

Bonanza Banzai Nem ér semmit a dal 110/6

Bonanza Banzai Nem ér semmit a dal 111/10

Bonanza Banzai Nézz rám 110/15

Bonanza Banzai Nézz rám 111/11

Bonanza Banzai Szerelemisten 110/16

Bonanza Banzai Tánc 110/9

Bonanza Banzai Tánc 111/9

Bonanza Banzai Térj vissza 111/5

Bonanza Banzai To see me(látni engem) 110/3

Bonanza Banzai Újra élsz 111/4

Boney M vs Horney Limited Ma baker/somebody scream 227/18

BoneyM Baby do you wanna bump 18/17

BoneyM Belfast 18/9

BoneyM Brown girl in the ring 18/4

BoneyM Daddy cool 18/2

BoneyM El lute 18/16

BoneyM Felicidad 18/15

BoneyM Gotta go home 18/12

BoneyM Happy song 18/19

BoneyM Hooray!Hooray! It’s a holi-holiday 18/7

BoneyM Kalimba de luna 18/19

BoneyM Ma baker 18/6

BoneyM Mary’s boy child 18/11

BoneyM Mega mix 18/20

BoneyM Nightflight to Venus 18/14

BoneyM No women no cry 18/10

BoneyM Painter man 18/8

BoneyM Rasputin 18/5

BoneyM Rivers of Babylon 18/1

BoneyM Still I’m sad 18/13

BoneyM Sunny 18/3

Booby Trax Don’t go 249/12

Booka Shade: Kind of good 52/2/7

Boombashi: Dum dum dabada 122/8

Boombastic 160/3

Borbély László Az éjszaka hangja 117/2

Borbély László Boldog, szép napok 117/+1 (11)

Borbély László Én vagyok a jani 117/7

Borbély László Ez az, ami mégsem kell 117/8

Borbély László Holnap 117/1

Borbély László Irodatechno 117/4

Borbély László Legyen erőd! 117/9

Borbély László Nem bánok semmit 117/3

Borbély László Nevetek 117/10

Borbély László Reklám 117/6

Borbély László Szép világ volt 117/5

Bornai Tibor: Tudományos kártyavár 53/9

Boublitschki 70/3

Box Of Laces All that she wants 249/14

Boyzone Every day I love you 198/18

Boyzone Isn’t a wonder 94/2/3

Boyzone Love me for a reason 146/12

Boyzone You neede me 172/13

Boyzz In The Attic Hey baby 285/3

Breakfast at Tiffany's (sybersoundmixes) 272/2

Brenda Lee All alone am I 30/10

Brenda Lee Jambalaya 30/3

Brenda Lee You’re the one that I want 152/13

Brian Ice: Talking to the night 170/2/14

Briana Corrigan Feather in my cap 190/2

Briana Corrigan For home 190/4

Briana Corrigan Love me now 190/1

Briana Corrigan When 190/3

Britney Spears Born to make you happy 198/3

Britney Spears Born to make you happy 227/3

Britney Spears Sometimes 172/3

Brock Landars S.M.D.U. 221/6

Bródy János A fiam meg a lányom 2/10

Bródy János A magány 2/4

Bródy János A szavak 2/13

Bródy János Álmodom 2/6

Bródy János Átmeneti állapot 2/16

Bródy János Egy hétig tart 2/3

Bródy János Engedd, hogy szabad legyek 2/1

Bródy János Filléres emlékeim 2/5

Bródy János Földvár felé félúton 2/15

Bródy János Ha én rózsa volnék 2/19

Bródy János Hang nélkül 2/8

Bródy János Hull az eső 2/2

Bródy János Hungarian blues 2/12

Bródy János Légy hü magadhoz 2/11

Bródy János Mama kérlek 2/9

Bródy János Ne szólj hozzám 2/14

Bródy János Nem történt semmi 2/7

Bródy János Suttog a szél 2/17

Bródy János Zárt osztály 2/18

Brooklyn Bounce Get ready to bounce 94/1/8

Brooklyn Bounce The music’s got me 163/1/12

Brooklyn Bounce The music’s got me 215/2/13

Brooklyn Bounce The real bass 166/1/1

Brotherhood Of man: Le freak 12/1

Bryan Adams All I want is you 158/7

Bryan Adams Christmas time 158/12

Bryan Adams Depend on me 158/11

Bryan Adams Do I have to say the words? 158/4

Bryan Adams Everything I do I do it for you 158/5

Bryan Adams feat. Luciano Pavarotti O sole mio 158/13

Bryan Adams feat. Paco De Lucya Have you ever really loved a women 158/2

Bryan Adams feat. Rod Steward, Sting All for love 158/9

Bryan Adams Have you ever really loved... 51/11

Bryan Adams Heaven 158/6

Bryan Adams Please forgive me 158/1

Bryan Adams Straight from the heart 158/3

Bryan Adams Thought i’d died and gone to heaven 158/8

Bryan Adams Vanishing 158/10

B-Side Project Gotta be free '97 275/9

Bubble System In the summer time 285/4

Bushman Fifth colour man 229/1/12

Bushman Kele ’kele’ 229/1/2

Bushman Pump up the volume 229/2/4

Busta Rhymes feat. Janet: What’s it gonna be 172/9

Bürger Lars Dietrich: Sexy Eis 104/2/12

Byron Stingily: Sing a song 166/2/8


C&C Music Factory Do you wanna get funky 13/2/6

C&C Music Factory Do you wanna get funky 27/6

C&C Music Factory feat. A.S.K.M.E. and Vic Black: I’ll always be around 55/2/6

C&C Music Factory I found love 195/17

C&C Music Factory Things that make you go hmmm 260/2

C.B. Milton No one else 249/8

C.M.: Dream universe 166/1/7

C.O. Fun Sexart 284/7

C.O.D.: Bang the bass 14/1/5

C.O.R. feat. Mike Nova: Children of the revolution 29/2/7

Cabbalero: Hymn 21/1/13

Cafe Con Leche Chica de la isla 219/12

Can: I want more 12/3

Candy Flip: Strawberry fields forever 14/2/8

Candyboy: Kein schwein ruft mich an 104/2/18

Candyman: Endless ocean 91/4

Capital Sound Feel the rythm 248/11

Capone: Pain 94/1/15

Cappella Don't be proud 276/3

Cappella Everybody 276/5

Cappella I need your love 102/21

Cappella Move it up 13/1/4

Cappella Move it up 276/10

Cappella Move on baby 276/6

Cappella Shake your body 276/8

Cappella The big beat 276/9

Cappella U got 2 know 276/1

Cappella U got 2 know maxizone mix 276/11

Cappella U got 2 let the music 276/2

Cappella U&me 21/1/17

Cappella U&me 276/4

Cappella What I gotta do 276/7

Capricorn: 20Hz 21/2/12

Captain Hollywood Project Find another way 32/17

Captain Hollywood Project More and more 19/3

Captain Jack Drill instructor 68/1/20

Captain Jack feat.Gipsy Kings Get up 183/15

Captain Jack Little boy 104/1/9

Carl Cox: Phoebus Apollo 196/1/5

Carl Craig pres. Paperclip People: Throw 21/2/1

Carl Perkins Blue suede shoes 30/7

Carl Perkins Boppin’ the blues 30/14

Carlos: The Sirmarilla 163/1/2

Carol Douglas: Doctor’s order 12/5

Carol J. Bailey: Understand me 35/7

Carol Jiani Come and get your love 216/3

Carol Jiani Hit’n’ run lover 253/4

Carol Medina I’ll just say goodnight 253/17

Carpe Diem Alkalmi álom 23/10

Carpe Diem Alkalmi álom 61/2

Carpe Diem Áll a bál 23/2

Carpe Diem Aranyláz 23/3

Carpe Diem Aranyláz(dance remix) 23/12

Carpe Diem Carpe Diem 23/1

Carpe Diem Carpe Diem(english ver.) 23/11

Carpe Diem Carpe Diem(instrumental) 23/13

Carpe Diem Élvezd a percet 33/5

Carpe Diem Engedj el 23/6

Carpe Diem Fogsz te sírni még 23/8

Carpe Diem Hideg az ágy 23/5

Carpe Diem Keep this party 23/7

Carpe Diem Lépj tovább version 33/3-4

Carpe Diem Let me into your dreams 27/13

Carpe Diem Ritmus 23/4

Carpe Diem Sample city 33/6

Carpe Diem Vágyakozás 23/9

Carpe Diem Zomba music version 33/1-2

Carrara: Disco king 170/1/10

Carrilio Carneval en Rio 115/5

Carrilio Carrilio de manha 115/1

Carrilio Carrilio de noite 115/12

Carrilio Fiesta de brazil 115/11

Carrilio Lambada 115/7

Carrilio Macarena 115/9

Carrilio Matador 115/10

Carrilio Papa’s got a brand new pig bag 115/3

Carrilio Samba de Janeiro 115/2

Carrilio Samba latina 115/8

Carrilio Tic tic tac 115/4

Carrilio Un,dos,tres Maria 115/6

Cartoons: Witch Doctor 172/1

Cassandra feat.Rui Da Silva Touch me 279/10

Cassius: Cassius 1999 172/6

Cat Stevens Where do the children play 222/6

Cats musical (Natalie Grant) Memory 251/17

Caught In The Act Ain’t just another story 104/1/1

Caught In The Act Ain’t just another story 138/3

Caught In The Act Bring back the love 138/4

Caught In The Act Don’t look for love 138/8

Caught In The Act Don’t walk away 138/2

Caught In The Act Don’t walk away 68/2/20

Caught In The Act Forever friends 138/11

Caught In The Act It should be you 138/6

Caught In The Act Matter of time 138/5

Caught In The Act My arms keep missin you 29/1/3

Caught In The Act Show your love 138/10

Caught In The Act Silently 138/9

Caught In The Act That CITA feeling 138/1

Caught In The Act Zoom 138/7

C-Block The future is so bright 277/5

CD Rom: Toy-Box : Tarzan&Jane+Best friend 240

Cd-rom Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue Kids 274/4

Celine Dion A quarte pas d’ici 135/11

Celine Dion Avec toi 135/8

Celine Dion Billy 135/13

Celine Dion C’est pour toi 135/7

Celine Dion Comment t’aimer 135/14

Celine Dion D’amour ou d’amitie 135/1

Celine Dion Du soleil au coeur 135/10

Celine Dion Everybody’s talkin’ my baby down 85/5

Celine Dion Have a heart 228/10

Celine Dion I feel too much 228/8

Celine Dion I remember L.A. 85/11

Celine Dion I’m loving every moment with you 228/5

Celine Dion If love is out of the question 228/2

Celine Dion If there was any other way 228/1

Celine Dion If we could start over 228/9

Celine Dion Just walk away 85/14

Celine Dion La religieuse 135/6

Celine Dion Les oiseaux du bonheur 135/4

Celine Dion Love by another name 228/6

Celine Dion Loved doesn’t ask why 85/9

Celine Dion Lovin’ proof 85/13

Celine Dion Misled 85/2

Celine Dion Mon reve de toujours 135/9

Celine Dion Ne partez pas sans moi 135/3

Celine Dion Next plane out 85/6

Celine Dion No living without loving you 85/12

Celine Dion Only one road 85/4

Celine Dion Real emotion 85/7

Celine Dion Refuse to dance 85/10

Celine Dion Tellement j’ai d’amour pour toi 135/5

Celine Dion That’s the way it is 198/1

Celine Dion The colour of my love 85/15

Celine Dion The last to know 228/4

Celine Dion The power of love 85/1

Celine Dion Think twice 85/3

Celine Dion Un amour pour moi 135/12

Celine Dion Unison 228/7

Celine Dion Visa pour les beaux jours 135/2

Celine Dion When i fall in love 85/8

Celine Dion Where does my heart beat now 228/3

Celtic Dance 262/1-12

Celvin Rotane I believe 29/1/8

Celvin Rotane Push me to the limit 55/1/3

Celvin Rotane You’ve got to be you 68/1/16

Centory feat. Trey D. Girl you know it’s true 104/1/2

Centory feat. Trey D. Girl you know it’s true 68/1/11

Chahour(arabpop): Hana hana 244/7

Change 187/15

Chariots of fire: 118/7

Charly B. Soca dance 219/10

Charly Lownoise&Mental Theo Fantasy world 196/2/1

Charly Lownoise&Mental Theo Next 2 me 163/2/12

Charly Lownoise&Mental Theo Stars 55/2/12

Charly Lownoise&Mental Theo This christmas 120/7

Chateauwalloni polgárok filmzene: 100/22

Cheb Mami: Let me cry 242/2

Chemise: She can’t love you 14/1/2

Cher: Dov’ é l’ amore 198/9

Cherry Coke: No hagas el indio haz el cherokee version 47/1-5

Chess If you leave me now 251/3

Chez Damier: Can you feel it 25/12

Chicane No ordinary morning 277/2

Chicane: Saltwater 183/8

Chico&The Gypsies: Marina 104/1/17

Chill’n’ Force: Move raver 52/1/1

Chrifi Hassan: Chebba 244/9

Chris De Burgh Oh my brave hearts 92/2

Chris De Burgh This silent world 92/1

Chris De Burgh When I see you tonight 92/3

Chris Montez: Let’s dance 11/5

Christian Lindner: Vinyl mix (76’) 52/3/1

Christina Aguilera Genie in a bottle(specialdancemix) 227/7

Christina Aguiliera Genie in a bottle 183/17

Christina Aguiliera What a girl wants 198/7

Christopher Cross: Been ther done that 146/13

Chuck Berry Promised land 152/16

Chuck Berry Rock and roll music 152/1

Chuck Rio: Tequila 69/7

Chumbawamba I’ m a winner, baby 200/4

Chumbawamba Strike! 200/5

Chumbawamba The best is yet to come (acoustic version) 200/2

Chumbawamba The best is yet to come 200/3

Chumbawamba Top of the world (olé, olé, olé) 200/1

Chumbawamba Tubthumping(tintinoutmix) 221/10

Church On The Street Singers People get ready (gospel) 220/16

CID Aag 230/2/4

Cirillo: Compulsion 196/2/7

Cj Lewis: Everything is alright 17/3

Classic relaxing (relax) 218/8

Claudia Nova Un angelo 283/4

Claudio Simonetti Phenomena 271/13

Click Que te pasa 280/12

Click Que tue pasa 285/5

Clock Axel F 114/6

Clock C’mon everybody 114/9

Clock Don’t go away 114/10

Clock Everybody 114/4

Clock Everybody jump around 114/7

Clock Fly away 114/8

Clock Gave you my love 114/15

Clock Holding on 4 U 114/14

Clock It’s over 114/2

Clock Oh what a night 114/1

Clock On the beach 114/13

Clock September 114/11

Clock The finest 114/12

Clock The lonely snowman 114/16

Clock Whoomp! There it is 34/1/20

Clock Whoomph there it is! 114/3

Clock You give me love 114/5

ClockDva: The operators 49/2/7

Club House Living in the sunshine 285/13

Co.Ro. Because the night 251/12

Coconut Groove My latin lover 219/13

Coda: Dreamstate 17/14

Collage Angel 78/4 !!! –1’27-nél akad!!!

Collage Cheap thrills 78/6

Collage Diana 78/5

Collage Diana(house mix) 78/9

Collage Do the can can 127/13

Collage From here to eternity 78/7

Collage Gangster of love 78/2

Collage Here we go again 78/8

Collage I’ll be loving you 78/1

Collage Tell me boy tell me girl 78/3

College Tell me boy tell me girl(house mix) 78/10

Combo Delago 2000 years 255/1

Combo Delago Heart in 2 255/3

Combo Delago If god exists… 255/6

Combo Delago Let me hear you sing 255/5

Combo Delago Nostalgia 255/10

Combo Delago People carry on 255/8

Combo Delago Tears of joy 255/4

Combo Delago The ’I don’t know’ song 255/2

Combo Delago Time 255/9

Combo Delago Walkin’ to nowhere 255/7

Come on, sweet children 239/6

Commander Tom Are am eye? 52/1/4

Commander Tom Are am eye? 65/1/2

Commercial Indian Dance Aag 230/2/4

Conbay I wanna get your love 249/4

Connie Francis My happiness 30/8

Connie Francis Who’s sorry now 30/1

Connie Nice Dancing in the night 216/14

Consequenz: Fly so high 52/1/9

Constance: Nervous breakdown 196/1/10

Construction: What is in love 104/1/5

Consueo Velazquez: Besame mucho 69/5

Convert Hey boy 214/7

Coolio: 1,2,3,4 sumpin’ new 68/2/3

Corona Baby baby 248/10

Corona Baby, baby 51/7

Corona I don’t wanna be a star 102/9

Corona Rhythm of the night 21/1/10

Corona Try me out 34/1/10

Cosmic Vibrations Cocain 229/1/10

Craig McLachlan&The Culprits Hear the world cry (version) 193/2

Craig McLachlan&The Culprits Hear the world cry 193/1

Craig McLachlan&The Culprits One more love affair 193/4

Craig McLachlan&The Culprits You got me 193/3

Craving Corp. Squeeza 234/10

Crazy 160/5

Creme De La Creme: Letzte Nacht 163/2/10

Crew House Machine Teknaika 284/3

Crissy D&Lady G feat.B-15 Project Girls like us 277/9

Critical Mass: Burnin’ love 120/14

Crockett’s theme:118/4

Culture Beat Dmc megamix (6’33p) 27/2

Culture Beat Dmc megamix 13/2/15

Culture Beat Inside out 116/5

Culture Beat Mr Vain 260/7

Culture Beat Pay no mind 163/1/16

Culture Beat Pay no mind 215/1/8

Culture Beat Take me away 68/1/19

Culture Shock: Satisfy the groove 27/17

Cut’n’ Move: I’m alive 29/2/5

Cyber People: Void vision 170/1/18

Cyco Miko: Save a peace for me 53/11


Csajkovszkij: Diótörő 108/7

Csiszár Jenő Az állatok soha nem ölnek pénzért 59/2

Csiszár Jenő Esztrád 59/3

Csiszár Jenő Figyelj apukám 59/1


D.F.S. Ou eee ou 248/5

D.Lay: H-music 65/1/10

D.O.N.S.: We came to love 52/1/10

D.O.P.+Lorna Marshall: Manifest your love 34/2/17

D’Bora: Goin’ round 34/2/9

Da Blitz To live forever 271/2

Da Hool Frekstyle 215/1/2

Da Klubb Kings: It’s time to get funky 163/2/19

Daedalon: Weightless 91/9

Daisy Dee Just jump 68/1/12

Daisy Dee One love 61/6

Dallas filmzene: 100/1

Dallasz Elindultam szép hazámból 99/1

Dallasz Kanyonok szomorú asszonya 99/3

Dallasz Munkadal 99/4

Dallasz Sugárba hánytam 99/2

Dance Floor Virus Message in a bottle 248/16

Dance II Trance: warrior 13/1/13

Dance Music Federation with Bindu Nastik 230/2/12

Dance Music Federation with Bindu Shakin shankar 230/2/7

Dance To Trance: Hello San francisco 19/5

Daniel Aminati: Turn me up 104/2/13

Danielle Brisebois Ain’t gonna cry no more 206/3

Danielle Brisebois Crawling 206/2

Danielle Brisebois Did I lead you on 206/10

Danielle Brisebois Don’t wanna talk about love 206/4

Danielle Brisebois Gimme little sign 206/6

Danielle Brisebois Just missed the train 206/5

Danielle Brisebois Maybe love will change your mind 206/9

Danielle Brisebois Niddla my heart 206/8

Danielle Brisebois Promise tomorrow tonight 206/7

Danielle Brisebois Wecome to love-now go home 206/11

Danielle Brisebois What if god fell from the sky 206/1

Danube Dance feat. Kim Cooper: Unique 26/1

Dany feat. Double Dee: Found love(version) 185/1-5

Dark Age Excalibur 282/11

Darkness In my dreams 248/14

Das boot:118/12

Das Modul 1100101 55/1/12

Das Modul Frühlingsgefühle 68/1/8

David Bowie prod. by Pet Shop Boys: Hallo spaceboy 68/2/7

David Christie: Stress 167/16

David Hasselhoff Night rocker 222/11

David Önálló lettem 224/2

David Tombolanyár 224/1

Dawn By my lover 285/15

Daydream: Hot&wet 91/1

Dayeene Good thing 35/12

Dayeene Is this love? 17/7

Daze 15 minutes of fame 277/12

DC Nine Hey dj 214/9

DCS Be with me 230/2/10

DCS Nashe diye bandh bothle 230/1/5

De Bakkurs: Lekkur bakkuh(La bamba) 142/11

De Standgabber: Gabbers in het zand(Children of the night) 142/7

De Surfplankuh: Het en hakkuh op de playa(vamos a la playa) 142/2

De Weekendhakkur: Zatertagnag(Saturday night) 142/8

De Zandbakkuh: Mooi,mooi,mooi(Boys,boys,boys) 142/4

Dead Or Alive Getting it on 109/12

Dead Or Alive Gone too long 109/11

Dead Or Alive I’m a star 109/8

Dead Or Alive International thing 109/4

Dead Or Alive Nukleopatra 109/1

Dead Or Alive Picture this 109/5

Dead Or Alive Rebel rebel 109/7

Dead Or Alive Sex drive 109/2

Dead Or Alive Sleep with you 109/9

Dead Or Alive Spend the night together 109/13

Dead Or Alive The right stuff 109/10

Dead Or Alive Unhappy birthday 109/6

Dead Or Alive You spin me round 109/3

Debbie Gibson Can’t do it alone 139/6

Debbie Gibson Dancin’ in my mind 139/4

Debbie Gibson Didn’t have the heart 139/2

Debbie Gibson Dontcha want me now? 139/5

Debbie Gibson For better or worse 139/1

Debbie Gibson Interlude Tony’s rehearsal 139/11

Debbie Gibson Let’s run away 139/12

Debbie Gibson Think with your heart 139/7

Debbie Gibson Too fancy 139/8

Debbie Gibson Two young kids 139/10

Debbie Gibson Will you love me tomorrow? 139/3

Debbie Gibson You don’t have to see 139/9

Debbie Johnson I’ll respect you 253/7

Decoy Arena 214/6

Dee-Mansion: Ejakuláció 91/8

Deep Forest: Bulgarian melody 53/8

Deep Fresh Get away 214/13

Deep Tones: I like it 35/10

Deeper and deeper 160/14

Demjén Ferenc Álom és ébrenlét 6/8

Demjén Ferenc Búcsúzások, találkozások 6/3

Demjén Ferenc Én csak fújom a dalt 6/1

Demjén Ferenc Falusi nyát 6/2

Demjén Ferenc Hintaló 6/7

Demjén Ferenc Mikor elindul a vonat 6/5

Demjén Ferenc Nálad van a mennyország 6/4

Demjén Ferenc Sohase félj 6/10

Demjén Ferenc Színeid 6/9

Demjén Ferenc Szívj friss levegőt 6/6

Demote: Graduate 52/1/2

Der große zapfenstreich mit kommandos 75/1

Der Wolf: Sei dein eigener held 94/2/15

Derrick filmzene: 100/8

Des’ree Get a life 144/3

Des’ree I’m kissing you 144/4

Des’ree Life 144/1

Des’ree Open mind 144/2

Desmond Dekker: Israelites 11/13

Desperado Akarom őt (scaty remix) 145/5

Desperado Akarom őt 145/2

Desperado Boldog szép napok 145/3

Desperado Lebegj 145/1

Desperado Véget ért... 145/4

Deuce: On the bible 34/1/9

Deutsch Amerikanische Feundschaft: Der räuber und der prinz 76/1/16

Deutschmeister-regiments-marsch 75/4

Di Naye Kapelye: Odessa bulgarisch 87/13

Diana King: Shy guy 51/12

Dias Hose Fernandez: Quantanamera 69/10

Dicsőség 10/6

Diddy: Give me love 93/6

Die Doofen-Wigald Boning&Olli Dittrich: Jesus 55/2/19

Die Fantastischen Vier: Nur in deinen kopf: 68/2/8

Die Frisöre: Teddybären 68/2/14

Die Schlümpfe: Keine schule(No limit) 29/2/15

Die Toten Hosen Paradies 68/2/12

Die Toten Hosen Pushed again 163/2/20

Difficult Child: Fear 49/2/4

Digital Scream Az első nyár 50/9

Digital Scream Calypso 50/13

Digital Scream Ébredj fel 50/7

Digital Scream Hé várj! 40/16

Digital Scream Made in Hungary 50/1

Digital Scream Magányos vágy 50/11

Digital Scream Megteszem neked 50/6

Digital Scream Minden nap elhagytál 50/14

Digital Scream Mindent megtehetsz 50/3

Digital Scream Mond azt, hogy... 50/5

Digital Scream Mondd el 50/8

Digital Scream Nagy szerelem 50/10

Digital Scream Nem vagy te Júlia 50/4

Digital Scream Nem voltál ilyen 50/2

Digital Scream Tegnap összetört egy álom 50/12

Digital Scream Túlélem én 50/15

Dino Lenny: Time to change 35/11

Dire Straits The man’s too strong 252/1

Dirty Boys Vengaboys megamix 275/7

Dirty Boyz Do it well 271/10

Dirty Mind feat. Dj Dado: Millennium 166/2/12

Disco Express 220 felett 159/2

Disco Express Ain’t got you 159/13

Disco Express Boys boys boys 159/5

Disco Express Chari chari lady 159/11

Disco Express Johnny loves Jenny 159/3

Disco Express Lady fantasy 159/9

Disco Express Last christmas 159/7

Disco Express Mamma maria 159/4

Disco Express Mamma maria hungary 159/14

Disco Express Nyár van 159/8

Disco Express One way ticket 159/10

Disco Express Samurai 159/6

Disco Express Tarzan boy 159/12

Disco Express When the rain begins to fall 159/1

Disco Joe: Love is a trap 11/6

Disco Macabre Bang 214/5

Disco Macabre Bang(deepmix) 214/10

Disco Nation: Rock da jam 94/1/10

Disco Tex: I wanna dance wit’ Choo 12/4

Discohopping 143/4

Divine I’m so beautiful 14/1/6

Divine Walk like a man 14/2/1

Dj Admiral: Corps-party 32/5

Dj Bigg’s: Tears don’t lie 13/1/14

Dj Bobo Everybody 61/14

Dj Bobo Freedom 55/1/15

Dj Bobo It’s my life 94/2/12

Dj Bobo Let the dream come true 13/2/2

Dj Bobo Let the dream come true 61/13

Dj Bobo Love is all around 61/15

Dj Bobo There is a party 146/20

Dj Bobo There is a party 29/2/12

Dj Bobo There’s a party 51/5

Dj Budai: Let’s just go for it 91/2

Dj Clro&Gianni Agrey Cyber frog 270/2

Dj Company: Hey everybody 27/8

Dj Congano Camel song 229/1/9

Dj Congano Happy vibes 229/1/16

Dj Congano Hijo 229/2/12

Dj Congano Winnetou 229/1/3

DJ Dado Face it 216/13

Dj Dado Mission impossible theme 104/2/1

Dj Dero Batucada 21/2/6

Dj Dero Batucada 249/1

DJ Disco Dirty disco dubs 215/1/7

Dj Disco: Stamp your feet 163/1/8

Dj Gappieraver: Alle gabbers op de maat(Everybody) 142/9

Dj H feat. Stefy: Come on boy 25/11

Dj HMC: Cum on 65/1/9

Dj Hooligan Sueno futuro 29/2/4

Dj Hooligan System ecstasy 68/1/14

Dj Hyperfreak Frequency clear 270/3

DJ Jean&Peran Let yourself go 234/6

Dj Khetama: Inner affair 65/2/5

Dj Maci 1995 the space year 57/9

Dj Maci Bóbita 57/7

Dj Maci Boldog születésnapot 57/3

Dj Maci Búgócsiga 57/5

Dj Maci Látom a szemed 57/4

Dj Maci Lila nyalóka 57/10

Dj Maci Micimackó 57/1

Dj Maci Nagy ho-ho horgász 57/6

Dj Maci Paff a büvös sárkány 57/8

Dj Maci Süsü a sárkány 57/2

DJ Marco&Benjamin It makes you move 234/12

Dj Miko Superboy 279/7

Dj Miko: What’s up 21/1/18

Dj Misjah&Dj Tim: Access 196/2/8

Dj Newl&SmJ e: Der tod des pianisten 91/7

Dj Nick: Peace 2 everybody 13/1/12

Dj Paul Elstak: Don’t leave me alone 120/1

Dj Quicksilver Free 94/1/3

Dj Quicksilver Planet love 166/1/6

Dj Ray Hizzy dizzy 284/9

Dj Ray L.O.V.E. 282/10

Dj Reel Andy+Lali Ökörkör (gerappa) 279/1

DJ Ricky Dee Intro 216/1

Dj Schultz: Jungle café 61/5

Dj Stefan Egger: Cosmic esmeralda 127/10

Dj Storm: Ye oh 127/4

Dj Sultan Turkish bazar 270/12

Dj Supreme: Tha horns of Jejicho 163/2/14

Dj Tatana Dream of 279/9

DJ Thoka Don’t stop me 215/1/18

DJ Tomcraft The circle 215/1/9

Dj Valium Doi't it again 279/5

Djibooti Big nation 229/1/7

Do it 257/3

Do that to me one more time 160/10

Doctor’s Cat: Feel the drive 170/1/3

Dolls United feat. Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer: Eine insel mit zwei bergen 55/1/16

Dolphin’s Mind L’esperenza 215/1/12

Donna Kosmica La mia musica 212/14

Donna summer Hot stuff 260/5

Donna Summer I feel love 34/1/4

Donna Summer Na na hey hey 11/4

Doop: Doop 21/2/10

Double 99: Rip groove 166/2/9

Double Dee feat. Dany: Found love(version) 185/1-5

Double Dee: People get up 25/9

Double Impact: Im wagen vor mir 104/1/15

Double Vision All right 102/22

Double Vision Allright 120/10

Double Vision Knockin’ 248/3

Double You Please don’t go 251/1

Double You Please don't go 280/11

Double You With or without you 249/5

Down Low Hit me right 215/1/17

Down Low: Johnny B. 166/2/3

Döf: Codo 76/1/10

Dr Alban Let the beat go on 13/2/3

Dr Alban Let the beat go on 17/17

Dr Beat: Urban melody 87/5

Dr Dj Cerla feat. Brownstone: Everybody pom pom! 195/15

Dragster&Tomba: Killing me softly 122/9

Drax Ltd.III: Cascades II 65/2/2

Droujba 70/6

DSK I'll keep holding on 280/16

D-Tek: Drop the rock 93/4

Duke Baysee Do you love me 285/17

Duke Make believeland 116/7

Duke Make believeland 120/9

Dune Can’t stop raving 55/1/11

Dune Hand in hand 68/1/7

Dupla Kávé Ez egy ilyen nyár version 175/3-4

Dupla Kávé Se veled, se nélküled version 175/1-2

Dvie guitary 70/8


Earth Wind& Fire meets Tiefschwartz Boogie Wonderland 2k 277/7

Earth, Wind&Fire: September ’99 183/11

East Side Beat: I didn’t know 26/4

Edda Egyedül blues 42/2

Edda feat. Mester És Tanítványai Hazatérsz (karaokee) 42/6

Edda feat. Mester És Tanítványai Hazatérsz 42/1

Edda New York blues 42/4

Eddy Grant I don’t wanna dance 222/3

Eden: Can this be love 202/1/14

Edge Park Another man on the moon 205/2

Edge Park Closest dream at hand 205/9

Edge Park Everyday 205/5

Edge Park For John Prine 205/11

Edge Park Magellan’s last doubt 205/3

Edge Park Purple roses 205/8

Edge Park Shake the world 205/1

Edge Park She’s over you 205/7

Edge Park This olive sea 205/4

Edge Park Three corners of a laundromat 205/10

Edge Park Weight of words 205/6

Effetto Joule Robespierre 282/14

Egy zsaru bőréért filmzene: 100/6

Eiffel 65 Blue(da ba dee) 183/13

Eiffel 65 Move your body 227/11

Einzug der gladiatoren 75/8

El Charro Mindig rólad álmodom 48/3

El Charro Mindig sírva vigad a magyar 48/2

El Charro Pancsi a vízben itt délen 48/1

El Paso Matador 215/1/14

Electric Shock: Shock the beat 170/2/18

Electroset: Sensation 34/2/8

Elektrochemie LK: Da phonk 52/2/5

Elena Vidal Ti amo 282/8

Éliás Tóbiás: Éliás Tóbiás version 182/1-3

Emergency House Peace love unity 61/4

Emergency House Peace love unity version 39/1-4

Eminem: My name is 172/18

Emmanuel Top Fusion 65/1/6

Emmanuel Top Radio 52/2/3

Emmanuel Top Stress 65/2/9

En Doris Damnated 212/4

Endless love 160/13

Enrique Iglesias Bailamos 183/14

Enrique Iglesias Rhythm divine 198/6

Enrique Iglesias Rhythm divine 227/12

Éretlenek Kombiné version 181/1-2

Éretlenek Sárgul már 181/3

Eria Fachin Savin’ myself 253/16

Erica C. Egy szó, egy érzés version 62/4-5

Erica C. Szerelemre születtem 61/7

Erica C. Voice of fortune version 62/1-3

Eros Ramazzotti Cose della vita 86/1

Eros Ramazzotti Non c’e’piu’ fantasia 86/2

Eros Ramazzotti Seguimi 86/3

E-Rotic Max don’t have sex with your ex 32/7

E-Rotic Sex on the phone 29/1/2

E-Rotic The winner takes it all 179/7

E-Rotic Willy use a Billy...boy 55/2/11

Erotika 160/6

Espen Lind By the time I get to heaven 123/5

Espen Lind Lucky for you version 123/1-4

Eternal I wanna be the only one(paul..mix) 221/3

Ethnica Fanfarissimo 229/1/13

Ethnica Hallelujah 229/2/15

Eureco One more time 283/9

Eurytmics: I saved the world today 198/17

Evelyn Thomas: Masquerade 167/10

Everly Brothers Be bop a lola 152/12

Everly Brothers Claudette 152/5

Everything But The Girl: Walking wounded 68/2/6

Everything I do I do it for you 187/1

Ex-It: Body talk 104/2/16

Exoterix: Void 93/1

Extince: Spraakwater 120/5

Extrabreit Flieger, grüß mir die sonne 76/1/18

Extrabreit Hurra,hurra, die schule brennt 76/1/5

Extrabreit Polizisten 76/2/9


F**k Force Kiss my hardcore 212/13

F.P.I. Project Going back to my roots 170/2/1

F.P.I. Project Yes we could 197/(6)=7!

F1: The race must go on 55/2/15

Fabrizio Do you want 277/15

Factor 124: Doosie vita(Dolce vita) 142/10

Fade 2 Black feat. Cynthia Hemingway: Streets of London 166/2/2

Faithless Insomnia 104/2/9

Faithless Insomnia 116/17

Faithless Salva mea 34/2/19

Falco: Der kommissar 76/1/14

Fantomas Acid didg 270/7

Fantomas Cosmogliding 271/5

Fanny Cadeo: I want your love 52/2/9

Fanny Disco-láz 95/3

Fanny Másik oldal 95/8

Fanny Maximum 95/1

Fanny Maximum fan-ky 95/10

Fanny Maximum(rave mix) 95/12

Fanny Menned kell 95/7

Fanny Mindig ott leszek 95/6

Fanny Te és én 95/2

Fanny Te és én(remix) 95/11

Fanny Utolsó ölelés 95/5

Fanny Vagány a srác 95/9

Fanny Valami más 95/4

Fast love (sybersoundmixes) 272/17

Fatal Mambo: La tete á gaston 242/5

Fatherfunkin’: Keep your mind changed 25/2

Fats Domino: Blueberry hill 152/9

Feelings 140 felett 208/4

Feelings Ennyi elég 208/2

Feelings Ilyen vagyok 208/1

Feelings Lakatlan szív 208/5

Feelings Örök parázs 208/6

Feelings Szeszély 208/7

Feelings Szikla szavak(instumenthal) 208/8

Feelings Vágy 208/3

Felix: Don’t you want me 19/1

Feliz navidad(long version) 239/9

Félperc Furcsa kaland 273/1

Félperc Karnevál 273/2

Félperc Péntek 13 273/3

Fettes Brot: Jein 68/2/4

Fierce Ruling Diva: You gotta believe in something 19/9

Fiesta 143/8

Filmzenék: 100/1-23

Final Majority The main man 234/11

Fingers: Short dick man 32/14

First Patrol: The street’s of Miami 12/6

Five Keep on movin’ 227/10

Five: Keep on moving 198/10

Flash Back Black Betty 234/4

Flat 47 Hideway 286/2/1

Flieger-marsch 75/13

Fool’s Garden: Wild days 68/2/9

Format Right& exact 286/2/9

Formicacid: Dreams of fantasy 127/6

Forrest Gump Against the wind 125/18

Forrest Gump California dreamin’ 125/5

Forrest Gump Everybody’s talkin’ 125/6

Forrest Gump Hound dog 125/8

Forrest Gump I can’t help myself 125/1

Forrest Gump Joy to the world 125/15

Forrest Gump Land of thousand dances 125/9

Forrest Gump Medley(mix) 125/10

Forrest Gump On the road again 125/19

Forrest Gump Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head 125/4

Forrest Gump Rebel rouser 125/2

Forrest Gump Respect 125/7

Forrest Gump San Francisco 125/16

Forrest Gump Sloop John B 125/14

Forrest Gump Stoned love 125/3

Forrest Gump Sweet home Alabama 125/13

Forrest Gump Turn, turn, turn 125/11

Forrest Gump Walk right in 125/17

Forrest Gump What the world needs now is love 125/12

Forró szél filmzene: 100/2

Foyer Des Arts: Wissenwertes über erlangen 76/1/9

FR Connection Listen up 251/4

Francy I like to play with myself 234/9

Frankie When doves cry 216/5

Franziska Menke: Himmel 76/2/16

Fred Feuerstein: Yappadappadu 55/2/20

Free Soda Inc.: Gonna move it 17/15

Frei-Dosszié 180/1-11

Fresh Fabrik Drive my hand 281/4

Fresh Fabrik: Free fall 87/2

Fridericus-Rex-grenadiermarsch 75/3

Frl. Menke: Hohe berge 76/1/4

From→: Reggel 91/11

Fruit& Nuts Sour grape 286/2/4

Fruitloops Dance dance dance 234/16

Fujijama Plastic city 270/8

Full Intention America (I love America) 253/13

Fun Factory 68/1/2

Fun Factory Celebration 51/3

Fun Factory Pain 61/8

Fun Factory Take your chance 21/1/1

Fun Fun: Happy station 170/2/3

Funk phenomena 143/6

Fuse: A new day 49/1/5

Future Breeze: House 52/2/6

Future Breeze: Read my lips 65/1/1

Future City Only love 216/16

Future Funk Together 214/1

Future Mine Hypnotic tango 283/6

Future Power Alliance: Confusion 52/2/12

Fünf Sterne Deluxe: Wills du mit mir geh’n 163/2/9


Gabberwatch: Hakkuh&bakkuh(Macarena) 142/1

Gabrielle Alone 101/10

Gabrielle Baby I’ve changed 101/4

Gabrielle Forget about the world 101/1

Gabrielle Give me a little more time 101/5

Gabrielle Have you ever wondered 101/11

Gabrielle I live in hope 101/3

Gabrielle If i could 101/9

Gabrielle If you really cared 101/6

Gabrielle Miracle 101/13

Gabrielle Our love is over 101/8

Gabrielle People may come 101/2

Gabrielle So glad 101/12

Gabrielle There she goes 101/7

Gangster of love(street mix) 78/11

Ganymed: It takes me higher 14/2/2

Garbi 1100 fokon égek 235/3

Garbi Kék madár 235/9

Garbi Kéz a kézben 235/11

Garbi Meddig még 235/8

Garbi Ott vagyok 235/10

Garbi Ott voltál 235/5

Garbi Párducbőrben 235/2

Garbi Si senor 235/4

Garbi Szabadlábon Velencében 235/6

Garbi Szélkirály 235/7

Garbi Szerelemparádé 235/12

Garbi Szívzuhanás 235/1

Garcia: Vamos(hey chico,are you ready) 104/1/16

Garden Eden: Lemon dance 122/7

Garfield Cool cat 29/2/8

Garfield Party of love 55/1/17

Gari gari 70/16

Garry Wiggins& The Bam Jam Band Bam jam 282/13

Gary D.: Kinetic pressure 196/2/9

Gat Decor: Passion 19/6

G-Doxx Mediamorphosis 270/11

Geier Sturzflug: Bruttosozialprodukt 76/2/11

General Base Back again 26/9

General Base Base of love 21/1/12

General Saint Oh Carol! 251/9

Geoff Smith: Six wings 53/5

George McCrae: Rock your baby 11/8

George Morel: let’s groove 21/2/5

Geri Halliwell Look at me 172/4

Geri Halliwell Mi chico latino 183/1

Get Down Shake that pie 234/15

Get ready to bounce 143/11

Get ready: 119/6

Giampiero Mendola: The groove of Island 102/5

Gigi D’Agostino: Sweetly 102/24

Gina G Fresh! Version 164/1-4

Gina G Just a little bit 104/1/12

Glam: My mother said 26/11

Glen White Ex Kano Number one 284/12

Gloria Estefan Miami hitmix 260/8

Gloria Gaynor I am what I am 253/2

Gloria Gaynor: I will survive 11/1

Go tell it on the mountain 239/2

Gods Favorite Dog: Love and pain 27/18

Goldie: Inner city life 196/2/4

Gompie: Life? You never saw my wife! 55/2/17

Goombay Dance Band Sun of Jamaica 222/13

Goombay Dance Band: Seven tears 12/8

Gopak 70/5

Gordon: Omdatik zo van je hou 120/20

Gorgeus: DonT stop 94/1/6

Gorze: The way to your heart 127/11

Gospel Chor St. Lukas München We’ve come this far by faith (gospel) 220/8

Gospel music 220/1-16

Goya Dress Any john 278/2

Goya Dress Crush 278/7

Goya Dress Glorious 278/1

Goya Dress Greatest secret 278/10

Goya Dress Katie stood on the benches 278/3

Goya Dress Picture this 278/4

Goya Dress Rooms 278/9

Goya Dress Scorch 278/8

Goya Dress Sweet dreams for you 278/6

Goya Dress The maritime waltz 278/5

G-Play Gengszter korszak 168/1

G-Play Te kiszállhatsz még 168/2

Grace Under Pressure: Make my day 202/1/13

Grand Larceny: No time for playing 102/8

Grandmaster Flash&The Furios Five feat.Melle Mel The massage 222/14

Grant Miller: Colder than ice 170/1/14

Grauzone: Eisbär 76/1/11

Greenleeves 108/13

Gregory Isaac: House of the rising sun 242/4

Groove Cult: Come to me 27/15

Groovehouse Absolute power 275/12

Gruß an Kiel 75/15

Guano Apes: Open your eyes 163/2/3

Gypsymen Hear the music 280/2


Haddaway Lover by thy name 55/2/4

Haddaway What is love 202/1/5

Hallucination Generation Get high 286/1/8

Halvany sarga rosza 70/17

Hand In Hand For Children e.V.: Children 68/2/16

Handel Joy to the world 108/11

Handel Zion’s daughter 108/9

Hands Up: Hands up 104/1/19

Hannah Jones feat.Respect Young hearts run free 251/16

Happy Clappers: I believe 29/1/11

Happy Day Singers The old rugged cross (gospel) 220/14

Happy Gang Boomshaka 15/1

Happy Gang Good bye hájbáj 15/2

Happy Gang Zimme-zumm 15/3

Harajuka Phantom of the opera 251/18

Hasni: La tbkiche 244/6

Hauber Zsolt Cape town 180/9

Hauber Zsolt Ebola-intro 180/1

Hauber Zsolt Entebbe 180/3

Hauber Zsolt Frei-dosszié 180/2

Hauber Zsolt Future cars 180/7

Hauber Zsolt Genetika 180/4

Hauber Zsolt Légikatasztrófák 180/10

Hauber Zsolt Robot 180/5

Hauber Zsolt Sotheby’s 180/11

Hauber Zsolt U.S.S. George Washington 180/8

Hauber Zsolt Vicente barrera 180/6

Hazell Dean: They say it’s gonna rain 167/15

H-Blockx: Little girl 55/2/2

HC Flightt: Bang 102/17

Headscrash: So high 102/12

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Ay ay ay 194/11

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company El mambo 194/7

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Ev’rybody 194/9

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Independance 194/4

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Life goes on 194/10

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Long way to heaven 194/6

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Love is a mystery 194/8

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Love is all around 194/3

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Master&servant 194/2

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Outro 194/12

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Revolution in paradise 194/1

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Walking on clouds 194/5

Heath Hunter&The Pleasure Company Walking on clouds 94/2/14

Heaven Steet Seven: Father 87/8

Heaven Street Seven Mozdulj 281/3

Hell&Bell Motherotterfuker 212/5

Hell’s N.R.G. Interface 010 212/3

Heller&Farley Project: Ultra flava 196/1/9

Herbie Pick it up 17/6

Herbie Right type of mood 32/13

Hezell Dean: Searchin’ 14/2/4

Highland Veni vidi vici 279/4

Hip Hop Boyz A hegyekbe fönn 66/5

Hip Hop Boyz Adj esélyt 66/3

Hip Hop Boyz Egy éj 66/6

Hip Hop Boyz Egy éj II 66/12

Hip Hop Boyz Entyempentyem 66/11

Hip Hop Boyz Ezazamikell 66/10

Hip Hop Boyz Fuss el 66/1

Hip Hop Boyz Mi a gond 66/9

Hip Hop Boyz Nem ez a tét 61/1

Hip Hop Boyz Ott várok rád 66/4

Hip Hop Boyz Ott várok rád 67/6

Hip Hop Boyz Ragadom,dagadom,dagad-e 66/7

Hip Hop Boyz Sexbomba 66/8

Hip Hop Boyz The party goes tonight vers. 67/1-5

Hip Hop Boyz Tudom, tudom 66/2

Hip Opera feat.Michael D. Kay Love is forever versions 226/1,2

Hip Opera feat.Michael D. Kay Wom Köln 226/3

Hits 2000 Bag it up 256/16

Hits 2000 Carton heroes 256/8

Hits 2000 Desert rose 256/10

Hits 2000 Don’t wanna let you go 256/18

Hits 2000 Every day I love you 256/12

Hits 2000 Feelin’ so good 256/9

Hits 2000 Freakin’ it 256/7

Hits 2000 He wasn’t man enough 256/3

Hits 2000 I knew I loved you 256/17

Hits 2000 Let me be the one 256/6

Hits 2000 Lucky star 256/14

Hits 2000 Mein stern 256/11

Hits 2000 My heart goes boom 256/4

Hits 2000 Never be the same again 256/5

Hits 2000 Shake your bon-bon 256/2

Hits 2000 The time is now 256/13

Hits 2000 Tonite 256/15

Hits 2000 Wadde hadde dudde da 256/1

Hobo Blues Band Belladonna 4/7

Hobo Blues Band Bunkó vagyok 4/8

Hobo Blues Band Bye bye Johnny 4/4

Hobo Blues Band Édes otthon 4/9

Hobo Blues Band Enyém, tiéd, miénk 4/12

Hobo Blues Band Farock 4/5

Hobo Blues Band Hosszúlábú asszony 4/13

Hobo Blues Band Illatos dal 4/10

Hobo Blues Band Kopasz kutya 4/1

Hobo Blues Band Kopaszkutya 4/15

Hobo Blues Band Kőbánya blues 4/6

Hobo Blues Band Tetovált lány 4/11

Hobo Blues Band Tobacco road 4/3

Hobo Blues Band Torta 4/14

Hobo Blues Band You gotta move 4/2

Hoch Heidecksburg 75/2

Hog Aching 204/7

Hog Don’t know why 204/2

Hog Don’t say nothin’ bad (about my baby) 204/11

Hog Get a job 204/5

Hog Junk 204/3

Hog Medicine 204/6

Hog No perfect 204/4

Hog Nothing sacred 204/10

Hog Shut down 204/1

Hog Something for nothing 204/12

Hog Walls 204/8

Hog You don’t know me 204/9

Hog You&me 204/13

Holy child medley 239/5

Holy night 239/8

Home And the heartland Riverdance 262/11

Honesty 69: French kiss 12/10

Honey C.: Stop the disease 202/2/6

House pimps: Work 65/1/5

Housemaid feat. Kim: Fish 55/1/20

How deep is your love 160/7

Hubert Kah: Sternenhimmel 76/1/12

Huff&Herb Feeling good 215/1/6

Huff&Herb: Feeling good 163/1/9

Hugh K.: Shine on 202/2/1

Humantraxx Teknoteknotekno 212/6

Hupikék Törpikék Bunkódal 258/10

Hupikék Törpikék Csak mi tudunk törpül 258/7

Hupikék Törpikék Csizmaboltba mentem 258/3

Hupikék Törpikék Dal a mágusról 258/5

Hupikék Törpikék Hupikék hó 258/1

Hupikék Törpikék Jó nagy bumm 258/4

Hupikék Törpikék Jól vagyok 258/12

Hupikék Törpikék Kekszbolt 258/8

Hupikék Törpikék Magányos lila törp 258/6

Hupikék Törpikék Négy télen át 258/13

Hupikék Törpikék Nekem is jár a móka 258/9

Hupikék Törpikék Sál alá garbó 258/2

Hupikék Törpikék Téli karnevál 258/11

Hybris Goldrush 65/2/6

Hybris Vol.2 52/1/8

Hyper go-go: Raise 93/8

Hyperfreak Raum und zeit 271/12

Hyperlogic: Only me 34/2/16

Hyperspace: Natural system 202/2/14

Hypertrophy: Just come back 2 me 94/1/14

Hypnosis: Pulstar 170/2/10

Hysterie Are you man anough?versions 211/1,3

Hysterie Sex machine 211/2


I feel ur pain 143/16

I got the feeling 44/11

I Toni Price don't want you 266/7

I want to come over (sybersoundmixes) 272/8

I want your sex 160/4

I will always love you 160/11

I’m your baby tonight 187/3

Ian Pooley: Celtic cross 52/2/4

Imaani Where are you 221/15

Imagination Just an illusion 222/12

Imperio Atlantis 104/2/3

Imperio Veni vidi vici 21/1/11

Implant Code: Hyperspace enter 49/2/8

In God We Trust: Let my people go 202/2/16

In Line: Same ending 53/6

In my mind 143/3

In Nomine Patris Africa 270/10

Incognito: I hear your name 34/2/5

Indeep: Last night a dj saved my life 12/11

Indulók: 75/1-16

Infernal Destruction 231/5

Infernal Disc jockey polka 231/7

Infernal Hammond prince 231/9

Infernal Highland fling 231/8

Infernal Kalinka 231/3

Infernal L’amour est interdit 231/4

Infernal Loch ness 231/10

Infernal Sorti de l’enfer 231/1

Infernal Voodoo cowboy 231/2

Infernal Your crown 231/6

Interactive Elevator up and down 19/10

Interactive Forever young 13/1/11

Interactive Forever young 32/3

Intermission: Give peace a chance 13/2/4

Intromusic 285/1

Inxs Nex sensation 260/12

It take two 187/13

Italia 257/2

Ixi: Der knutschfleck 76/2/17


J.C. Lodge feat.Shabba Ranks Telephone love deh pon mi mind 203/4

J.D.Jaber: Don’t wake me up 170/1/16

J.Manzo: Moliendo cafe 69/13

J.U.S.T.: Lovely summerday 127/8

Jack Goldbird: Can I reach you 11/10

Jack Scott: The way I walk 152/4

Jack&Jill: Go miss thing 26/2

Jackie Wilson: Thats why 152/7

Jacksons Can you feel it 260/16

Jakiro Future traxx 270/4

Jam And Spoon Right in the night 260/9

Jam&Spoon feat. Plavka Angel 195/2

Jam&Spoon feat. Plavka Angel 29/2/1

Jam&Spoon feat. Plavka Find me 27/3

Jam&Spoon feat. Plavka Kaleidoscope skies 94/2/7

Jam&Spoon Right in the night 34/1/12

Jamaican wake up (relax) 218/10

Jamal Up and down 249/16

Jambola Far east 229/2/9

Jambola Follow the drums 229/2/11

Jambola Helé le loma 229/2/14

Jambola Idi amin 229/1/4

Jambola Indian melody 229/2/2

James Brown Bring it on 44/14

James Brown Cold sweet 44/7

James Brown Georgia on my mind 44/10

James Brown Get on the good foot 44/13

James Brown Get up offa that thing 44/9

James Brown Give it up turn it loose 44/8

James Brown Gonna have a funky good time 44/6

James Brown Hot pants 44/5

James Brown I feel good 44/2

James Brown It’s a man’s, man’s world 44/3

James Brown It’s too funky in here 44/12

James Brown Living in America 260/6

James Brown Papa’s got a brand new bag 44/4

James Brown Sexmachine 44/1

Jamie Walters Hold on 121/2

Jamie Walters Hold on 237/1

Jamie Walters I know the game 237/2

Jamie Walters Now I have everything 121/3

Jamie Walters Perfect world 121/1

Janet Jackson Miss you mutch 260/11

Janet Jackson: I get lonely version 150/1-5

Jawoll: Taxi 76/2/15

Jaydee: Plastic dreams 202/2/7

Jaydee: Plastic dreams 21/2/15

Jazzy Mel: pasta 202/1/8

Je t’ non plus 160/9

Jefferson Airplane Come back baby 252/6

Jennifer Lopez Feelin’ so good 227/6

Jennifer Lopez If you had my love 183/2

Jennifer Lopez Waiting for tonight 198/5

Jennifer Rush: Tears in the rain 146/16

Jerry Lee Lewis: Hey baby 152/2

Jesse Green: Nice’n slow 12/9

Jestofunk feat. Ce Ce Rogers 195/9

Jim Gilstrap: Swing your daddy 12/7

Jimi Hendrix Foxy lady 252/7

Jimmy Page Think it over 252/3

Jimmy Ruffin: Hold on to my love 167/17

Jingle bells 108/8

Jinny Feel the rhythm 202/2/5

Jinny Keep warm 34/1/11

Jive Bunny: Swing the mood 167/9

Joachim Witt: Goldener reiter 76/1/1

Joan Osborne: One of us 68/2/10

Joe Cocker Could you be loved 179/3

Joe Cocker: Have a little faith in me 146/5

Joe Latino Dirty ritmos 219/8

Joe Simon My special prayer (gospel) 220/13

Joe Yellow: Lover to lover 170/2/6

Johann Strauss: Blue Danube waltz op314 130/7

John Bongiovi Open your heart 252/9

John Hakman: Hakfeest(I’m scatman) 142/3

John Mayall I’m your witchdoctor 252/2

Johnny Rhodes feat.Big Boss Man Matilda 285/11

Johnny Right: I wanna be with you tonight 94/1/18

Johnny Tillotson It keep right on a’ hurtin’ 30/13

Johnny Tillotson Poetry in motion 30/6

José Padilla: Sabor de verano 196/2/5

Josh: Burundi 127/9

Joy: Down to the party 35/8

Joyy: Celebration 27/5

Juan Wells: Round&round 102/27

Judy Cheeks: So in love 93/5

Juice Best days 221/13

Julia What’s up 251/6

Jungle Kids: Back to the jungle 163/1/18

Junior Vasquez: Get yor hands off my man! 34/2/7

Juno Reactor: High energy 49/2/6

Just a step from heaven 160/12

Just Friends Any time any place 68/1/15

Just Friends Ever and ever 55/2/16

Justine Earp: Ooo-la-la-la 104/1/6

JX: Son of a gun 34/1/3


K.B.Caps: Do you really need me 170/2/2

K2: Der berg ruft 21/1/6

Kader: Allo allo 244/3

Kai Tracid: Your own reality 163/1/13

Kalandorok filmzene: 100/12

Kaleef: Trials of life 94/2/6

Kalinka 70/1

Kano: Another life 170/2/9

Karácsonyi bölcsődal 108/10

Karácsonyi dalok angolul 45/1-24, 46/1-14

Karácsonyi dalok(mixek) 239/1-11

Karády Katalin A kettőnk életét 8/13

Karády Katalin A szívem megdobban 8/16

Karády Katalin Az álmaimat nem viheted el 8/18

Karády Katalin Az én szerelmem 8/5

Karády Katalin Bocsánat 8/3

Karády Katalin Egy asszony nem sokat kíván 8/12

Karády Katalin Egy szemvillanás 8/21

Karády Katalin Elég volt nékem magából 8/10

Karády Katalin Feledj el, ha tudsz 8/22

Karády Katalin Halálos tavasz 8/1

Karády Katalin Hamvadó cigarettavég 8/8

Karády Katalin Ilyennek képzeltelek mindig 8/15

Karády Katalin Köszönj el 8/14

Karády Katalin Már ismerem a legszebb szót 8/2

Karády Katalin Mondd, nem kívánsz túl sokat 8/20

Karády Katalin Próbáljuk meg újra 8/19

Karády Katalin Sokkal jobban szeretlek, mint máskor 8/7

Karády Katalin Száz vágy 8/4

Karády Katalin Tábori levelezőlap 8/6

Karády Katalin Tangolita 8/11

Karády Katalin Te hogy vagy velem 8/17

Karády Katalin Téged látlak én 8/9

Karen Young: Hot shot ’97 94/1/17

Kargo Your time 283/13

Karthago: The best of 154/1-14

Katty: Je t’m version 149/1-2

Kavana: Crazy dance 68/2/18

KC&The Sunshine Band: Please don’t go 11/14

Keep the fire burnin’ 143/13

Kellee My love 116/2

Kellee My love 120/3

Kelly Whitatker feat.A Step Beyond Got 2 love me 280/9

Ken Laszlo: Hey hey guy 170/1/4

Kenny Larkin: Maritim 49/2/12

KGB: Az én városom 100/14

Khaled: Rani khayef 244/10

Ki fizeti a révészt filmzene: 100/15

Killing me softly (sybersoundmixes) 272/1

Kim English: I know a place 34/2/3

Kim Sanders Show me 249/11

Kimnowak: Fekete zaj 53/12

Kinderlieder-marsch 75/6

King Bee: Trip to India 102/10

Kinky Pak slaag version 265/1-2

Kinky: Everybody 122/11

Kiskarácsony 108/12

Kisváros filmzene: 100/14

Kiz: Die sennerin vom Königssee 76/1/2

Klaus Schulze: Voices in the dark 196/2/10

Klinika filmzene: 100/3

Klubb Heads: Klubbhopping 102/11

Knight rider filmzene: 100/18

Knock on wood: 119/5

Koala: Australia 166/1/10

Kolinda: Én vacogok már 87/12

Komasonik First trauma 212/1

Kon Kan feat.Outta Control Sinful wishes 253/12

Koncz Zsuzsa Amikor... 5/11

Koncz Zsuzsa André(Je t’aime) 5/8

Koncz Zsuzsa Barbara 5/7

Koncz Zsuzsa Éjféli esküvő 5/12

Koncz Zsuzsa Elszállt a nyár 5/4

Koncz Zsuzsa Én nem tudtam azt, kérem 5/5

Koncz Zsuzsa Korai még... 5/2

Koncz Zsuzsa Miért hagytuk, hogy így legyen 5/6

Koncz Zsuzsa Nem vagyunk egyformák 5/9

Koncz Zsuzsa Te voltál 5/3

Koncz Zsuzsa Valaki kell, hogy szeressen 5/1

Koncz Zsuzsa Visz a vonat 5/10

Kool And The Gang Big fun 128/4

Kool And The Gang Celebration 128/1

Kool And The Gang Cherish 128/18

Kool And The Gang Fresh 128/17

Kool And The Gang Funky stuff128/12

Kool And The Gang Hi de hi, hi de ho 128/10

Kool And The Gang I sweat 128/13

Kool And The Gang If you feel like dancin’ 128/6

Kool And The Gang Just friends 128/16

Kool And The Gang Ladies night 128/2

Kool And The Gang Place for us 128/9

Kool And The Gang Street kids 128/8

Kool And The Gang Surrender 128/14

Kool And The Gang Take it to the top 128/5

Kool And The Gang Take my heart 128/11

Kool And The Gang Think it over 128/15

Kool And The Gang Tonight’s the night 128/7

Kool And The Gang Victory 128/3

Kool& The Gang Celebration 253/3

Korai Öröm: track 87/15

Kórus zenék 220/1-16

Kosmonova vs Fiocco Celebrate 215/1/5

Kosmonova: Take me away 166/1/5

Koto: Jabdah 170/1/13

Kozmix A zene és a tánc 43/5

Kozmix Buborék... 43/15

Kozmix Buli van ma éjjel! 43/7

Kozmix Dj! Fans! 43/8

Kozmix Döng ez a ház 43/4

Kozmix Gyöngyhajú lány 43/2

Kozmix Hangerőt?!? 43/1

Kozmix Idő és a tér! 43/9

Kozmix Intelligens bogarak! 43/14

Kozmix Mától fogva holnap után... 43/6

Kozmix Meditáció 43/13

Kozmix Soha ne mond azt nekem,viszlát 43/3

Kozmix Üsd a ritmust!(progres drum edit) 43/10

Kozmix Üsd a ritmust!(sooper speed vers.) 43/11

Kozmix Végsebesség! 43/12

Krasny sarafan 70/13

KRS-1 feat.Shabba Ranks The jam 203/7

Krystal feat.Shabba Ranks Twice my age 203/9

Kuldip Manak Heer ranjha 230/1/1

Kwalletjuh: Ik ben te sexy voor muh aussie(I’m too sexy) 142/15

Kwanzaa Posse: African vibrations 25/1

Kylie Minogue/ Robbie Williams Karaoke star 274/2

Kylie Minogue/ Robbie Williams Kids 274/1

Kylie Minogue/ Robbie Williams Kill me or cure me 274/3


L&J Project: Feel so right 116/16

L.F.O.: Always 127/5

L.T.J. Sound Machine feat. Samwud: Power to the people 35/2

L’art Pour L’art Társulat A bombanő 60/6

L’art Pour L’art Társulat A férfi 60/8

L’art Pour L’art Társulat A költészet világa 60/13

L’art Pour L’art Társulat A legtöbb nyelven tudó ember 60/17

L’art Pour L’art Társulat A nő 60/7

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Besenyő-Boborján dal 60/18

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Bevezető 60/2

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Biorobot 60/3

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Csámcsogó dal 60/16

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Érzelmi dal 60/9

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Farkas a mezőn 60/11

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Fittyerfutty 60/19

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Izgató, forró, déltengeri szenvedély 60/10

L’art Pour L’art Társulat L’art Pour L’art induló 60/20

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Lábvíz 60/4

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Szétszaggatta 60/15

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Szívszerelem 60/12

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Szőrös vagyok 60/14

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Vastyúk szignál 60/1

L’art Pour L’art Társulat Zörejtár 60/5

La Bouche Be my lover 51/1

La Bouche By my lover 32/15

La Bouche Sweet dreams 17/12

La danse d’Héléne intro 219/1

La Toya Jackson Bad girl 28/9

La Toya Jackson Be my lover 28/10

La Toya Jackson Do the salsa 28/12

La Toya Jackson He’s my brother 28/4

La Toya Jackson He’s so good to me 28/11

La Toya Jackson Piano man 28/13

La Toya Jackson Playboy be me 28/6

La Toya Jackson Restless heart 28/5

La Toya Jackson Sexual feeling 28/2

La Toya Jackson Somewhere 28/8

La Toya Jackson Why don’t you want my love 28/1

La Toya Jackson You and me 28/3

La Toya Jackson You can count on me 11/3

La Toya Jackson You can count on me 28/7

La Troupe Meteo 283/7

La Voix Sunrise 215/2/2

Ladánybene 27: Kell egy ház version 151/1-4

Lady Bird: Jazzy doll 25/13

Lady Easy love 277/8

Lady G&Crissy D feat.B-15 Project Girls like us 277/9

Lali+Andy Ökörkör (gerappa) 279/1

Lamar: Shine 172/8

Lament World The lord of the dance 262/3

Lamott Atkins: How you make me feel 26/7

Lara Fabian I will love again 245/1

Lara Fabian I will love again(ballad reprise) 245/2

Lara Fabian You are my heart 245/3

Lars&NDN: Die Sonne und du 166/2/1

Laserdance: Humanoid invasion 170/1/19

Laszlo Hortobagyi: Azelfafage 87/16

Latinamerikai számok 69/1-14

Le Boyfriend: Pump it up 202/2/12

Le Kilt: Left! Right! Here we go 195/10

Lea Kiss: Don’t stop the night 195/16

Lee Marrow Da da da (dance to the house) 280/6

Lee Marrow: Shanghai 170/1/11

Lee Patterson Singers Go tell it to the mountain (gospel) 220/10

Leftfield/Lydon Open up 286/1/1

Lehakat Ha Naddedin Dona dona dona 84/5

Lehakat Ha Naddedin Hava naguila hora 84/12

Lehakat Ha Naddedin Tum-balalaika 84/10

Leila K.: Electric 55/1/10

Leise rieselt der schnee version 58/1-4

Leon feat.Mc Macamba Stapelgek op jou version 269/1-2

Leon Klein Give yourself to me 214/11

Let her feel it: 119/7

Let’s talk about sex 160/18

Level Eleven Thank you 275/4

Leviathan: Slavedance 49/2/2

Liberation Liberation 280/5

Liberty City: Some lovin’ 25/4

Lic. Geoffrey Williams Drive 234/8

Lick feat. Kentucky Martha: Got to move your body 21/1/16

Lift The Wings Riverdance 262/7

Lightning Seeds Life's too short 277/6

Lil Dee: Bang the bass 14/1/4

Limahl: Too shy ’92 14/2/6

Lime: Angel eyes 12/13

Limited Edition Sleeping satelites 251/15

Limotion D-groovy 234/20

Linda, Roos&Jessica: Ademnood 120/18

Lion Rock: Roots n’ culture 26/3

Liquid Bass: Nation 2 nation 65/1/12

Liquid Lims living in the house 275/2

Liquid: Sweet harmony 34/2/15

Lisa Stansfield: The real thing 94/2/5

Little Steven feat. Bon Jovi: The time of your life 55/2/1

Livin’ Joy Dreamer 29/1/10

Livin’ Joy: Don’t sop movin 104/2/10

Loft It’s raining again 55/1/18

Loft Wake the world 17/5

Logic Dream: Get to you 202/1/12

Logic Magic 275/11

Logical Attac Sampling rat 284/4

London Beat: I’ve been thinking about you 120/15

Lonnie Gordon Dirty love 253/15

Lonyo Come ci comme ca summer of love 277/13

Los Del Mar feat.Wil Veloz Macarena 219/4

Los Del Mar Macarena 285/12

Los Del Mar: Macarena 68/1/18

Los Gomez Vamos a la playa 283/5

Los Hombres El rancho grande 285/16

Los Umbrellos No tengo dinero(clubmix) 221/2

Lou Bega: Mambo No.5 172/2

Louise All that matters(djtonkamix) 221/7

Love Beats This is the only way 234/17

Lovely: I’ll get over you 14/2/5

Ludwig van Beethoven Al chiaro di luna 174/3

Ludwig van Beethoven Holdfény szonáta 174/1-3

Ludwig van Beethoven Mondschein 174/1

Ludwig van Beethoven Moonlight 174/2

Ludwig van Beethoven Patetica 174/6

Ludwig van Beethoven Pathétique 174/4-6

Ludwig van Beethoven Waldstein 174/7-9

Luis Jordan: I like ’em fat like that 152/11

Luiz Bonfa Orfeo negro 69/4

Luiz Bonfa Orfeo negro 69/6

Lump (sybersoundmixes) 272/6

Lumukanda: Walk in thee black forest 49/1/9

Lutricia McNeal 365 days 241/1

Lutricia McNeal Always on my mind 241/9

Lutricia McNeal Being with you 241/8

Lutricia McNeal Butterflies 241/4

Lutricia McNeal Crazy love 241/10

Lutricia McNeal Everything 241/6

Lutricia McNeal Fly away 241/2

Lutricia McNeal I never said I loved you 241/5

Lutricia McNeal Kissing you goodbye 241/7

Lutricia McNeal Whatcha been doing 241/11

Lutricia McNeal When the morning comes 241/3


M People Itchycoopark 116/11

M People Open your heart 146/9

M Pop muzik 222/10

M.A.C. Abracadabra 282/1

M.R.M. Walking in memphis 280/4

M.S.D.: Money 202/1/16

M.T.C. Intro 234/1

M.T.C. Live Hot dance 234/18

Maarja First in line 288/3

Maarja High hope 288/5

Maarja Hold onto love 288/2

Maarja I know you are the one 288/6

Maarja I will be there for you 288/9

Maarja I wonder 288/8

Maarja Just a dream away 288/11

Maarja My hometown 288/7

Maarja Rainbow 288/1

Maarja Walk away 288/10

Maarja What in this world 288/4

Macarena (sybersoundmixes) 272/10

Macedonian Morning Riverdance 262/8

Madison Avenue Don't call me baby 277/3

Madonna American pie 227/1

Madonna Medley 219/14

Magic Affair: Fire 1361/5

Magic fly: 119/3

Magic Kefir A láng 105/4

Magic Kefir A szél 105/3

Magic Kefir Csak fúj! 105/11

Magic Kefir Égjen a tüz 105/8

Magic Kefir Életem a tánc 105/7

Magic Kefir Elmúlt a nyár 105/10

Magic Kefir Hegyek között 105/5

Magic Kefir Intro 105/1

Magic Kefir Késő üzenet(dance mix) 105/2

Magic Kefir Késő üzenet(rave edit,sitt mix) 105/9

Magic Kefir This beat is Magic Kefir 105/6

Magnum filmzene: 100/10

Maigret filmzene: 100/7

Malavoi: Ababa 242/9

Man Doki with Chaka Khan: The jouney is long 94/2/4

Mandala: Evolution theme 52/1/6

Mandel Turner feat.Trouble Freedom 277/14

Mangal Shing feat.Amar Lala lala 230/1/6

Manhunt: 119/4

Maniac: 119/1

Manitou Indian nights 270/9

Mannequin I panena de yamta 219/9

Manouchka 70/15

Marascia: Alone away 35/13

Marc Anthony: I need to know 198/2

Marc Daniëls Deveny 186/1

Marc Daniëls Deveny(instrumental) 186/4

Marc Daniëls Emily 186/2

Marc Daniëls Vriendschap 186/3

Marcia Johnson: Got to be special 202/2/4

Marco Zaffarano: Pandora’s box 65/2/8

Maria&Rachid: Amalek a zine 244/2

Maria: Nta ouled bladi 244/5

Mariah Carey Heartbreaker 198/13

Mariah Carey Thank god I found you 227/14

Mariah Carey&Boyz 2 Men: One sweet day 120/17

Marilyn feat.2 Bigg I got the music in me 251/7

Mario Carlucci Cumbaya 284/11

Mario Carlucci Life in Italy/life in Germany 283/8

Marisa Turner: Who’s gonna kiss that man? 55/1/8

Mark ’Oh: I can’t get no wahaha 55/1/5

Mark Morrison: Crazy 104/2/11

Mark Morrison: Return of the mack 68/2/2

Mark N-R-G: Don’t stop 65/1/11

Markus: Ich will spaß 76/2/4

Marky Mark: Feel the vibe 94/2/9

Marmion: The spark the flame and the fire 52/1/5

Marque: Something in my eyes 55/2/3

Marshmellow Men Emotions 214/4

Martha Wash&Ru Paul: It’s raining men... 166/2/5

Martha’s Dance/The Russian Dervish Riverdance 262/9

Marusha Unique 55/1/1

Marusha Whatever turns you on 13/1/15

Mary J. Blige: Be happy (Video CD) 197/1

Mary Kiani: When I call your name 34/1/6

Masterboy Megamix (7’30p) 29/1/6

Masterboy Mister feeling 104/1/3

Matoushka 70/11

Max Deejay Rock it 279/6

Max Him: Lady fantasy 170/1/7

Maxi Priest feat.Shabba Ranks Housecall 203/1 ú

Mc Macamba feat.Leon Stapelgek op jou version 269/1-2

Mc Sar&The Real McCoy Another night 13/2/7

Mc Sar&The Real McCoy Run away 17/11

MCIC Girl talk 219/7

Meat Loaf More than you deserve 252/14

Medley Var Do you remember 219/5

Meet her at the love parade 143/2

Mega’ Lo Mania: The finest 21/2/18

Mein Loch: Wij staan strak,strak,strak(Feeling hot,hot,hot) 142/13

Melanie C Never be the same again 256/5

Meli Melo feat.Miss Sherida De dans van Helene version 263/1-2

Melissa: Band of gold 202/2/13

Mellowbag: Illusion 179/15

Mellowman Gardez l’écoute 90/1

Mellowman Mic mac 90/2

Members Of Mayday Save the robots 215/1/10

Members Of Mayday: Sonic empire 94/1/9

Men Of Faith All in your mind 286/1/5

Men Of Faith Dance 286/1/4

Mental Wave Slow tracker 212/7

Mennyből az angyal 108/1

Meredith Brooks Bitch(toddmix) 221/11

Merethe Æ gir dæ min vår 107/2

Merethe Kom te mæ 107/1

Merlyn&G Witches Kids: Grooveliker 102/16

Merry christmas mr. Lawrence: 118/11

Merry X-mas mix 239/7

Mester És Tanítványai Kis herceg 42/5

Mester És Tanítványai Szerelemdallam 42/3

Metal Sound: Le ou famn kitew 242/3

Metallica 2x4 157/2

Metallica Ain’t my bitch 157/1

Metallica Bleeding me 157/7

Metallica Cure 157/8

Metallica Fuel for fire 140/2

Metallica Hero of the day 157/6

Metallica King nothing 157/5

Metallica Mama said 157/11

Metallica Memory 140/3

Metallica Poor twisted me 157/9

Metallica Ronnie 157/13

Metallica The house jack built 157/3

Metallica The memory remains 140/1

Metallica The outlaw torn 157/14

Metallica Thorn within 157/12

Metallica Until it sleeps 157/4

Metallica Wasting my hate 157/10

Mex: +áll az ész 53/2

Michael Bedford: More then a kiss 170/1/5

Michael Jackson: Earth song 120/4

Michelle Gayle: Freedom 34/1/15

Michelle Weeks: Don’t give up 166/2/10

Microwave Prince: Land of the iron bubbles 52/2/10

Miguel Brown So many men, so little time 253/6

Mijk’s Magic Marble Box: Gamer’s night 52/2/13

Mike Cannon: Voicec in the dark 170/2/16

Mike Mareen: Dancing in the dark 170/2/12

Mike Stone&Steve Heller feat.The SFPD Orchestra San Francisco 215/2/15

Mike&The Mechanics: Over my shoulder 146/3

Miko Mission: How old are you? 170/1/15

Mimmo Mix feat. Valerie Etienne: I wanna be with you 25/5

Minden lében két kanál filmzene: 100/21

Miquel Brown: He’s a saint, he’s a sinner 167/11

Mir san die kaiserjäger 75/11

Miracle: Oxygene level I. 27/14

Mirage: Jack mix II 167/14

Mirko&Ludwig Kaiserslam 212/10

Miss Mukupa Poplife 2000 277/11

Miss Sherida feat.Meli Melo De dans van Helene version 263/1-2

Miss Shiva Dreams 277/10

Mission X: Mission impossible 122/3

Missy Elliott feat. Da Brat: Sock it 2 me 163/2/5

Mistri feat.R.T.Z. Belgium In the name of love 249/13

Mix 04’56 –es 202/1/9

Mix 05 perces 102/28-29

Mix 10 perces 102/24-29

Mix 11 perces 129/1

Mix 13 perces 102/1-7

Mix 25 perces 102/16-23

Mix 26 perces 102/8-15

Mix 50 perces 88/1-20

Mix 6’01 perces 257/1

Mix 6’16 prces 257/4

Mix 7’06 perces 257/7

Mix 76 perces 52/3/1

Moby Bring back my happiness 120/2

Moby Feeling so real 13/1/10

Model 500: The flow 52/2/8

Mo-Do Eins, zwei, polizei 13/2/10

Mo-Do Eins, zwei, polizei 21/1/2

MoDo Sex, bump, twist 248/4

Moguai: Lowgo 65/2/11

Mokuba Kipo mambo 229/2/6

Molella: If you wanna party 116/15

Moloko: Sing it back 183/9

Mona London: You’re too good 197/(2)=3!

Mongawa Aborigenes voice 229/1/15

Mongawa Brooklyn styling 229/1/5

Mongawa Del amor nos da 229/2/8

Mongawa High and low 229/2/13

Mongawa Kanda 229/2/16

Mongawa La fucci 229/2/3

Monique Seka: Okaman 242/7

Montini Experience II: Astrosyn 65/1/3

More then words 187/6

Morissa Do you love me 271/6

Moskovskija okna 70/2

Mouna&Jalti: Nazha 244/8

Mount Rushmore You better 234/7

Mouth (sybersoundmixes) 272/7

Mozart: Sleigh ride 108/5

Moziac: Sing it 34/1/7

M-People Love randezvous 55/2/8

Mr Ed Jumps The Gun: Don’t ha ha 68/2/13

Mr Marvin: Entity 35/1

Mr Oizo: Flat beat 172/15

Mr President 4 on the floor 29/2/2

Mr President Coco jamboo 68/1/1

Mr President Coco jamboo version 74/1-8

Mr President I’ll follow the sun 32/19

Mr Roy: Something about you 102/4

Mr. Zino Crazy saxophone 229/2/10

Mrs Wood: Joanna 34/2/14

Music Factory Another dreams 134/4

Music Factory Bye bye 134/11

Music Factory Come on baby come on 134/12

Music Factory Exit 134/10

Music Factory Exit(radio edit) 134/13

Music Factory Going in to heaven 134/6

Music Factory High life 134/5

Music Factory Intro part I 134/1

Music Factory Intro part II 134/2

Music Factory Network 134/8

Music Factory Speedway 134/7

Music Factory Titanic 134/9

Music Factory Titanic(radio edit) 134/14

Music Factory Who is in the house 134/3

Music Instructor Dance 68/1/9

Music Instructor Hymn 29/2/6

Music Instuctor Dream a little dream 104/1/11

My Baby Baby, baby 216/9

My Baby Try me out 216/4

My harmonica (relax) 218/3

My little gypsies 70/12

Mydrin: Zaubertanz 19/11


N Sync: Here we go 94/2/10

N.A.Y. Rappiney 284/8

N.Y.C.C. Fight for your right to party 215/2/1

N.Y.C.C: Fight for your right 163/1/5

N’Trance Set you free 195/1

Nadanuf feat.Kurtis Blow: The breaks 179/14

Nakatomi: Free 120/6

Nalin&Kane Beachball 94/1/4

Nalin&Kane K-People 166/1/11

Name (sybersoundmixes) 272/14

Nana: Lonely 94/2/17

Nassira: Wrini darkum 244/1

Natalie Grant Memory (from Cats) 251/17

Natascha Hagen Sweet la la love 279/3

Natural Born Groove: Forerunner 52/2/1

Natural Born Grooves: All or nothing 166/2/6

Natural Born Grooves: Groovebird 65/1/8

Nena: 99 luftballons 76/1/6

Neon 2 Ei yksinäinen unta saa (demo) 236/2

Neon 2 Ei yksinäinen unta saa 236/1

Neon 2 Hattu täynnä tähtiä 236/3

Nes: Ánizs 87/9

Netzwerk Memories 253/9

New attitude: 119/2

New house 257/5

New Toni Price York City 23rd of july 266/11

Newcleus: Jam on this 14/1/3

Newton: Skyhigh 195/13

Nice Little Penguins: Rain keep on falling 146/8

Nick Simon Long train running 284/14

Nick Simon Youre are mine 283/12

Nick&Nack Forbidden lover 214/2

Nicki French: Total eclipse of the heart 146/6

Night Stalker: Space 197/(9)=10!

Nightcrawlers Push the feeling on 32/20

Nightcrawlers: Surrender your love 34/1/18

Nightmares On Wax Set me free 280/3

Niko: Am wißen strand von Helgoland 76/2/13

Nina Hagen: Tv-glotzer 76/2/6

Nina: The reason is you 13/2/11

No Mercy Please don’t go 94/2/11

No Mercy This masquarade 179/6

No Mercy Where do you go version 97/1-6

No ordinary love 160/15

Noble Savages: I’m an indian 104/1/14

Non Verbal: All I want 104/2/19

Nonchalant: 5 o’clock 104/2/8

Not gon' cry (sybersoundmixes) 272/13

Novy vs Eniac Superstar 215/2/10

N-Trance Broken dreams 215/1/16

N-Trance Electronic pleasure 102/20

N-Trance feat. Ricardo Da Force: Stayin alive 55/1/2

Nurlaila Als je doet wat je doet version 268/1-2

Nutbush city limits 187/12


Oasis: Wonderwall 53/1

Obsession Without you 251/11

Odyssey: Going back to my roots 167/13

Off: Bad news 14/1/8

Oh, tannenbaum 108/3

Olive: You’re not alone 94/1/12

Olivia Posse Silenzio 282/12

Omega 10 000 lépés 10/6

Omega A büvész 10/3

Omega Égi vándorok 10/9

Omega Életfogytig rock and roll 10/4

Omega Ezüst eső 10/5

Omega Gammapolis 10/2

Omega Ismertem egy lányt 10/7

Omega Léna 10/10

Omega Napot hoztam, csillagot 10/11

Omega Nyitány 10/1

Omega Sötét a város 10/8

Omegakoncert 10/1-11

One Sensation Sweet dreams 249/7

Open your mind 143/7

Ophella: Hand in hand 13/2/13

Opus Life is live 222/1

Orbital: Theme from the saint 94/2/19

Orinoko Mama konda 215/2/7

Orosz dalok 70/1-17

Orsi: Egy csepp méz (megamix10p50mp) 129/1

Oscare: What’s going on 202/2/9

Otchi tchornyie 70/4

Our Wedding Day World The lord of the dance 262/5

Outdance: Pump the jumpin’ 26/6

Outta Control feat.Kon Kan Sinful wishes 253/12

Oz: Love is all around 195/14

O-Zone&Space Lords A 2000.év 238/6

O-Zone&Space Lords Egy emlék 238/5

O-Zone&Space Lords Endor 238/8

O-Zone&Space Lords Ewok macik dala 238/9

O-Zone&Space Lords Kapcsolat 238/11

O-Zone&Space Lords Nem számít a baj 238/10

O-Zone&Space Lords Ózon 238/2

O-Zone&Space Lords Rádióaktivitás 238/7

O-Zone&Space Lords Szerelem csillag 238/3

O-Zone&Space Lords Ugyanaz a dal 238/1

O-Zone&Space Lords Ugyanaz a dal(Schulz remix) 238/12

O-Zone&Space Lords Utolsó remény 238/4


P. Lion: Happy children 170/1/2

P.M.Project You know I want you 234/2

P.S.I. luv u filmzene: 100/4

Pammi Doabe dia jatta 230/1/12

Pandora: Don’t you know 55/1/19

Pandreams (relax) 218/5

Papaya Banana Joe 229/2/7

Papaya feat.Dingo Didge song 229/1/8

Paradise 3001 Blie highways 286/2/8

Paradise Orchestra: Take me to the sun 35/9

Paras O mere yaaro 230/2/2

Party Nation Machine gun 248/8

Partyman: Silly billy 116/4

Paso Doble: Computerliebe 76/1/8

Passion Fruit: The rigga ding dong song 183/3

Pásztorok, pásztorok 108/14

Paul&Paula Hey Paula 222/15

Pauline Black Of The Selecter: On my radio 167/5

Peggy Sue: Crickets 152/14

Pend De Munde Teri meri 230/1/8

Penquins: Earth angel 152/6

Perfecto Allstarz: Reach up 32/8

Perplexer Acid folk 79/1

Perplexer Aqua noir 79/5

Perplexer Brasilia 79/7

Perplexer Chill out 79/12

Perplexer Chinese garden 79/8

Perplexer Da capo 79/2

Perplexer Dreams of distortion 79/6

Perplexer Flying horses-green bulls 79/9

Perplexer House train 79/3

Perplexer Love is in the air 55/2/14

Perplexer Seldom 79/10

Perplexer That’s the feelin’ 79/4

Perplexer Vary speed 79/11

Pet Shop Boys West end girls 222/2

Peter Frampton Grits and cornbread 252/8

Peter Schilling: Major Tom 76/2/8

Phantom Ouverure 282/9

Pharao There is a star 13/1/2

Pharao There is a star 27/1

Pharao World of magic 195/3

Philippe Cataldo: Les divas du dancing 202/2/11

Phoney Fables: Spring! 21/2/7

Phunky Phantom: Get up stand up 166/2/7

Piano dance (relax) 218/7

Pills Hotter than a summer night 286/1/3

Pills Sagitarius way 286/1/11

Pills Thoughts 286/1/7

Pizzaman Babyloop 286/2/3

Pizzaman Happiness 248/2

Pizzaman: Happiness 55/2/10

Pj&Duncan Aka Eternal love 161/6

Pj&Duncan Aka Free as a bird 161/12

Pj&Duncan Aka Girlfriend 161/9

Pj&Duncan Aka I want you 161/11

Pj&Duncan Aka If I give you my number 161/7

Pj&Duncan Aka Lets get ready to rhumble 161/1

Pj&Duncan Aka One look 161/2

Pj&Duncan Aka Our radio rocks 161/10

Pj&Duncan Aka She scores a perfect ten 161/4

Pj&Duncan Aka Talk about it 161/8

Pj&Duncan Aka Tonight i’m free 94 161/5

Pj&Duncan Aka Why me? 161/3

Pj&Duncan Stuck on you 34/1/17

Planet Poom No more heartbreaks 286/1/13

Plastic Voice Welcome to the jungle 215/2/4

Plastico A.t.o.m.i.c.: 81/11

Plastico Breakfast in New York 81/6

Plastico Communicate 81/10

Plastico Educate the fool 81/8

Plastico Macho mate 81/1

Plastico People 81/4

Plastico Red riders 81/5

Plastico Revolution baby 81/9

Plastico Stadium 81/7

Plastico We don’t belong 81/3

Plastico Who is my friend 81/2

Playabeauty: Een zomer lang hakkuh(The summer is magic) 142/16

Playahitti: The summer is magic 21/1/3

Playahitty 1,2,3 train with me 216/15

Playahitty The summer is magic 285/2

Pocorn: Souljers story 202/2/8

Police Brothers A büszke rendőr dala 72/4

Police Brothers Béla 72/3

Police Brothers Bilincsbe zártad 72/5

Police Brothers Egyenruhában minden más 72/2

Police Brothers Indul a banda 72/9

Police Brothers Közbiztonságot akarunk 72/8

Police Brothers Minden olyan szép 72/11

Police Brothers Nézd milyen szép 72/10

Police Brothers Nő nélkül is lehet 72/7

Police Brothers Rendőrnek lenni nagyszerü 72/6

Police Brothers Szolgálunk és védünk 72/1

Police Brothers Virágot a parancsnok úrnak 72/12

Polip filmzene: 100/20

Pony Hello 148/2

Pony Pony 148/1

Porn Kings: Amour 94/1/2

Premi Gidha pa nikiye 230/1/7

Pretty girl (sybersoundmixes) 272/9

Preußen’s gloria 75/10

Princessa Again&again 133/12

Princessa Anyone but you 133/2

Princessa Calling you 133/3

Princessa Calor de amor 133/18

Princessa Desnudare 133/16

Princessa Do you wanna be loved 133/11

Princessa Duerme junto a mi 133/17

Princessa He’s on the phone 133/10

Princessa I do what you want me to do 133/8

Princessa Like a nun 133/4

Princessa Me duelen tus mentiras 133/15

Princessa Rompete 133/13

Princessa Seven days a week 133/6

Princessa Summer of love 133/5

Princessa The night 133/9

Princessa Try to say I1m sorry 133/1

Princessa Vivo 133/14

Prinz Eugen 75/9

Prophet: It’s gonna be the night 29/1/7

Psylos: Ratta tooi 127/3

Publo Hunny: Get2 87/6

Puff Daddy feat.Mase: Can’t nobody hold me down 179/13

Puff Daddy: Can’t nobody hold me down 94/1/20

Puff Johnson Forever more version 264/1-2

Puff Juhnson All over your face version 267/1-2

Punjabi Crew Jattan de dabka 230/1/11

PUR: Der Dumme 163/2/1

Push Push Fire 286/12

Q 55 Pooh man 284/5

Q Connection: Java all da ladies come around 172/11

QFX Gimme some beat 271/14

Quench: Dreams 21/2/14


R.Hernandez: Cumbachero 69/14

R.T.Z. Belgium feat.Mistri In the name of love 249/13

R’N’G: Open up your mind 163/1/3

Rabszolgasors filmzene: 100/19

Racey Some girls 222/9

Radetzki-induló 75/12

Radiorama: Aliens 170/2/8

Raf G. feat.Jellyne 216/18

Raffaella Cavalli I ragazzi no 250/5

Raffaella Cavalli Ma perché 250/1

Raffaella Cavalli Mai e poi mai 250/6

Raffaella Cavalli Pregherò per te 250/2

Raffaella Cavalli Pregherò per te(version) 250/10

Raffaella Cavalli Sarò 250/4

Raffaella Cavalli Se perdo te 250/3

Raffaella Cavalli Sentimento 250/8

Raffaella Cavalli Senza te 250/7

Raffaella Cavalli Un natale che non finirà 250/9

Rage Run to you 251/10

Rage Why don’t you 249/6

Rajaa Said: Gouli wah 244/11

Ralph Thamar: Dago 242/8

Rame: 102/15

Rammstein: Engel 94/2/20

Ramp Rock the discotheque 286/1/2

Ramson My dance (version2) 286/2/2

Rankin’ Roger Of The Beat: Mirror in the bathroom 167/2

Ranko: Happy world 170/2/13

Rappers Against Racism: I want to know... 163/1/6

Raver’s Nature: Bring me noise! 55/2/13

Real Joy La dance d’ Helene 216/7

Real Joy La dance d’Héléne 219/2

Real Joy La dance d’Héléne(spanish) 219/112

Real McCoy Love and devotion 32/6

Real McCoy Love and devotion 51/9

Reality Yolanda 249/3

Rebekah Cardboard boxes 223/3

Rebekah Little black girl 223/2

Rebekah Sin so well 223/1

Red 5 Access 113/6

Red 5 Da beat goes... 113/10

Red 5 Deeper love 113/3

Red 5 Fiesta fiesta 113/7

Red 5 For this world 113/4

Red 5 Gimme luv 113/11

Red 5 I love you...stop 113/8

Red 5 Intro 113/1

Red 5 Lift me up 113/2

Red 5 Lift me up 94/1/7

Red 5 Outro 113/12

Red 5 Red 5 jumps 113/5

Red 5 Whales 113/9

Rednex Cotton eye Joe 13/1/1

Rednex Cotton eye Joe 17/1

Rednex Cotton eye Joe 51/15

Rednex Old pop in an Oak 32/10

Rednex Wish you were here 51/6

Reel 2 real Can you feel it? 13/2/5

Reel 2 Real feat. Mad Stuntman: I like to move it (erik ’more’ club mix) 93/9

Reel 2 Real feat. Mad Stuntman: I like to move it (exclusive gypsy mix) 93/11

Reel 2 Reel Conway 32/2

Reel To Real feat.The Mad Stuntman I like to meve it 249/2

Reels Bad moon rising 251/5

Reflect 143/12

Reggie: Hot 202/1/5

Relax zenék 218/1-10

Republic A csend beszél tovább 41/7

Republic A legszebb, a legnagyobb 41/8

Republic Álmot ígér ez a hajnal 41/11

Republic Annál jobb ez, minél rosszabb 41/2

Republic Csak a szívemen át 41/4

Republic Felhők 41/14

Republic Furcsa magasban 41/5

Republic Ha neked jó az nekem rossz 41/6

Republic Holdvirág 41/13

Republic Játsz egy kicsit a tüzzel 41/10

Republic Napliget 41/1

Republic Szállj el kismadár 41/3

Republic Varázsló és indián 41/9

Republic Varázsolj a szívemmel 41/12

Reshma Aiy mausam rangeeley sohaney 230/2/3

Respect feat.Hannah Jones Young hearts run free 251/16

Restyl Human nature 234/19

R-Go Amulett 1/8

R-Go Anna 1/15

R-Go Ballag a katona 1/6

R-Go Bombázó 1/3

R-Go Egy alacsony férfi dilemmái a sz. körül 1/2

R-Go Hangulatjáték 1/4

R-Go Idő 1/7

R-Go Látod, így sikerült 1/5

R-Go Létezem 1/1

R-Go Mindig nyár ’75 1/12

R-Go Monogám vagyok 1/14

R-Go Nap lánya 1/16

R-Go Ne félj, te kis bolond 1/13

R-Go Rég várok valakire 1/11

R-Go R-go disco mix 1/17

R-Go Szerelmes vagyok, mint egy nagyágyú 1/10

R-Go Szeretlek is+nem is 1/9

Rhapsody in blue 130/1

Rheingold: Dreklangdimensionen 76/2/7

Rhythm of my heart 187/11

Rhythm On The Loose: Break of dawn 34/2/2

Ricardo Vilas: A felicidad 242/6

Ricky Martin Livin’ la vida loca 172/19

Ricky Martin Shake your bon-bon 227/13

Ricky Martin Shake your bon-bon 256/2

Ricky Martin She’s all I ever had 198/16

Ricky Nelson Hello, Mary Lou 30/9

Ricky Nelson Stood up 30/2

Ricky Roos Cold easter 201/3

Ricky Roos Good evening Philadelphia 201/1

Ricky Roos Icarus 201/2

Ricky Roos Jack singer 201/7

Ricky Roos Love isn’t hard it’s strong 201/12

Ricky Roos Promise you rain 201/11

Ricky Roos Radio on 201/5

Ricky Roos Rosie gordon lies so still 201/10

Ricky Roos The lovers 201/8

Ricky Roos Wake up and dream 201/9

Ricky Roos What you are 201/4

Ricky Roos When sinners fall 201/6

Rio Reiser: König von Deutschland 76/2/12

Ritmo Tribale 2000 261/1

Ritmo Tribale Bahamas 261/10

Ritmo Tribale Convalescemente 261/9

Ritmo Tribale Diamante 261/7

Ritmo Tribale Dipendenza 261/4

Ritmo Tribale Il centro 261/5

Ritmo Tribale Lumina 261/2

Ritmo Tribale Meno nove 261/8

Ritmo Tribale Musica 261/3

Ritmo Tribale Senza limiti 261/11

Ritmo Tribale Violento 261/6

Riviera filmzene: 100/9

Rizki: Ana elghaltan 244/12

RMB And Sharam Shadows 215/1/4

RMB and Sharam: Shadows 163/1/10

RMB Spring 104/2/4

RMB Spring 196/2/2

Robbie Williams Angels 163/2/2

Robbie Williams Freedom 122/2

Robbie Williams Freedom 179/2

Robbie Williams Let me entertain you(stetchmix) 221/5

Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue Karaoke star 274/2

Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue Kids 274/1

Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue Kids VIDEOCLIP 274/4

Robbie Williams/Kylie Minogue Kill me or cure me 274/3

Robert Miles Children 102/13

Robert Miles Children 156/9

Robert Miles Children 68/2/5

Robert Miles Children(dream vers.) 156/1

Robert Miles Children(dream vers.) 65/1/7

Robert Miles Fable (dream vers.) 156/7

Robert Miles Fable (message ver.)156/2

Robert Miles Fable(dream version) 196/2/3

Robert Miles Fantasya 156/3

Robert Miles In my dreams 156/5

Robert Miles In the dawn 156/8

Robert Miles Landscape 156/4

Robert Miles Princess of light 156/6

Robert Miles Red zone 156/10

Robin Cook Comanchero version 106/1-4

Robin Cook Land of the sun 106/5

Robin S.: Show me love 202/1/2

Ro-Cee: Gettin all da’ babes 104/2/15

Roger Chapman Let’s spend the night together 252/15

Romantic fly (relax) 218/9

Romina Johnson feat.Artful Dodger Movin' to fast 277/4

Ronan Hardiman Lament 262/3

Ronan Hardiman Our wedding day 262/5

Ronan Hardiman Siamsa 262/4

Ronan Hardiman Spirit in the new world 262/2

Ronan Hardiman Stolen kiss 262/7

Ronan Hardiman The lord of the dance 262/1

Ronni Simon: Take your there 116/6

Rosario Romantico Italiano 282/4

Rose Laurens: Mamy Yoko 12/12

Rose Royce Is it love you’re after 167/8

Rose Royce Magic touch 167/12

Rotterdam: Poing! 19/12

Roula Lick it 248/7

Rubberhead&Dj Clean: The raving world 127/12

Ruffneck: Everybody be somebody 116/18

Rui Da Silva feat.Cassandra Touch me 279/10

Run DMC vs Jason Nevins It’s tricky 215/1/1

Runaround (sybersoundmixes) 272/12

RuPaul Free to be 253/11

Ryan Paris: Dolce vita 170/1/1


S Club 7 Two in a million 227/17

S.Diaz Bamboleo 69/1

S.Diaz Bamboleo II 69/11

S.O.F. feat. Akiko: House music 29/1/14

Sabras Kade ke kalejah 230/1/9

Sabrina Boys 222/7

Sabrina Setlur: Du liebst mich nicht 94/2/18

Safri Duo Played a live 279/11

Saint& Campbell save the last dance for me 286/8

Salt ’N’ Pepa Do you want me 103/9

Salt ’N’ Pepa Expression 103/2

Salt ’N’ Pepa I am down 103/13

Salt ’N’ Pepa I gotcha 103/12

Salt ’N’ Pepa I like it like that 103/7

Salt ’N’ Pepa I’ll take ypur man 103/11

Salt ’N’ Pepa Independent 103/3

Salt ’N’ Pepa Let’s talk about sex 103/6

Salt ’N’ Pepa Let’s talk about sex 260/4

Salt ’N’ Pepa My mic souns nice 103/10

Salt ’N’ Pepa Push it 103/1

Salt ’N’ Pepa Shake your thang 103/4

Salt ’N’ Pepa Tramp 103/8

Salt ’N’ Pepa Twist and shout 103/5

Salt ’N’ Pepa You showed me 103/14

Salvo: Muchachacha 11/12

Samurai Yakimoto 270/6

Sándor Mátyás filmzene: 100/11

Sandy Marton: People from Ibiza 170/1/17

Sandy&Papo Mc: La hora de bailar version 89/1-2

Santa Esmeralda: Don’t let me be misunderstood 202/1/3

Santa: Summer sound 104/1/18

Santana Jin-go-la-ba jingo 222/8

Santana Jin-go-lo-ba jingo 252/4

Santane feat. Rob Thomas: Smooth 198/4

Sarah Brightman: Who wants to live forever 179/4

Sarah Washington I will always love you 251/2

Sardara Gill Akhien udeek dhean 230/1/10

Sash Equador 94/1/1

Sash feat. La Trec Stay 166/1/12

Sash La primavera 163/1/1

Sasha All that I do 230/2/1

Sasha People on the world 230/2/8

Sayoko Sukiyaki 285/7

Scan: The sound of the earth 94/1/13

Scandy 71 Kiss me, hit me 287/1

Scandy 71 Kunkyanshi 287/2

Scandy 71 Semmi értelme 287/3

Scarlet: Independent love song 146/4

Scatman John Scatman 32/1

Scatman John Scatman 51/13

Scattt Scat&bebop 216/19

Scattt Scat&bebop 280/10

Schubert: Ave Maria 108/15

Scooter Dancing in the moonlight 162/5

Scooter Don’t waste no time 162/8

Scooter Fire 162/4

Scooter Forever 162/6

Scooter Friends 29/1/1

Scooter Hit the drum 162/7

Scooter Introduction 162/1

Scooter Leave in silence 162/11

Scooter Move your ass! 32/11

Scooter Rebel yell 68/1/13

Scooter Return of the future 162/10

Scooter She said 162/3

Scooter The age of love 162/2

Scooter Tonight 162/9

Scorpions I’m going mad 252/12

Scorpions You&I 68/2/11

Scotch: Disco band 170/2/7

Scottish Pipes: Acid folk 21/2/4

Seans 140 felett 208/4

Seans Ennyi elég 208/2

Seans Ilyen vagyok 208/1

Seans Lakatlan szív 208/5

Seans Örök parázs 208/6

Seans Szeszély 208/7

Seans Szikla szavak(instumenthal) 208/8

Seans Vágy 208/3

Secret love 187/10

Security: I can make you dance 27/11

Sefe: I can feel your body 195/12

Senza una donna 187/9

Sequential One I wanna make u... 94/1/5

Sequential One Imagination 163/2/13

Sequential One Imagination 215/1/13

Serious Danger: Deeper 163/1/19

Seven Grand Housing Authority: Love’s got me high 102/6

Sexepil: Buffalo 87/4

Sexual healing 160/1

Shabba Ranks Get up stand up and rock 203/5

Shabba Ranks Girls whine 203/2

Shabba Ranks Housecall 203/1

Shabba Ranks Mr. Tek it back 203/6

Shabba Ranks Pay down pon it 203/10

Shabba Ranks Respect 203/11

Shabba Ranks Roots&culture 203/8

Shabba Ranks Telephone love deh pon mi mind 203/4

Shabba Ranks The jam 203/7

Shabba Ranks Ting-a-ting 203/3

Shabba Ranks Ting-a-ting(the original) 203/12

Shabba Ranks Twice my age 203/9

Shaft: (Mucho mambo)sway 183/18

Shaggy Boombastic 55/1/7

Shaggy Boombastic version 40/1-6

Shaggy feat. Rayvon In the summertime 29/2/10

Shaggy feat. Rayvon In the summertime 34/1/16

Shaggy feat.Marsha Piece of my heart 179/9

Shaggy In the summertime 51/10

Shane MacGowan Aisling 191/3

Shane MacGowan My way 191/1

Shane MacGowan My way... (your way-away with you) 191/4

Shane MacGowan Song with no name 191/2

Shane: You were always on my mind 202/1/7

Shania Twain Black eyes, blue tears 247/13

Shania Twain Come on over 247/6

Shania Twain Don’t be stupid 247/4

Shania Twain From this moment on 247/5

Shania Twain Honey, I’m home 247/11

Shania Twain I won’t leave you lonely 247/14

Shania Twain I’m holdin’ on to love 247/2

Shania Twain If you wanna touch her, ask! 247/9

Shania Twain Love gets me every time 247/3

Shania Twain Man! I feel like a woman! 247/1

Shania Twain Rock this country! 247/15

Shania Twain That don’t impress me mutch 247/12

Shania Twain Whatever you do! Don’t! 247/8

Shania Twain When 247/7

Shania Twain You’re still the one 247/10

Shania Twain You’ve got a way 247/16

Shanks&Bigfoot: Sweet like chocolate 183/16

Shanna: Your love 197/(8)=9!

Shannon: Let the music play 14/1/1

Shannon: Sweet somebody 12/14

Sharon S: Gimme your love 197/(1)=2!

Shauna Davis Get away 248/9

Shava Shava Mahia 230/1/3

Shell Shok: Sunshine on Tokyo 127/2

Sheryl Crow All I wanna do 51/4

Sheryl Crow D’yer mak’er 71/2

Sheryl Crow I’m gonna be a wheel someday 71/3

Sheryl Crow No one said it would be easy 71/4

Sheryl Crow What I can do for you 71/1

Shiny happy people 187/8

Shirley&Company: Shame shame shame 11/2

Shiva: Freedom 34/2/4

Shola Ama: You might need somebody 179/16

Shoop shoop song 187/2

Shot Killin’ 215/2/19

Siamsa World The lord of the dance 262/4

Silent Circle: Every move every touch 21/1/5

Silhouette In my dreams 285/14

Silvano feat.Urbanized Helpless 280/13

Silver Convention Fly Robin fly 11/16

Silver Convention Fly Robin, fly 14/1/10

Silver Pozzoli: Around my dream 170/1/9

Silverplate: Outbreak 52/1/11

Sima: Kiss my lips 35/5

Simon Harris: Bass 167/6

Simon&Shalin: Evolution 52/2/14

Simply Red: Ain’t that a lot of love 198/8

Sin With Sebastian: Golden boy 55/1/14

Sing out, shout with joy 239/4

Sipos F. Tamás A címzett ismeretlen 31/5

Sipos F. Tamás Adj gázt! 31/2

Sipos F. Tamás Álmodj még! 31/8

Sipos F. Tamás Épül a ház 31/4

Sipos F. Tamás Mindenkinek van keresztje 31/9

Sipos F. Tamás Optimista dal 31/12

Sipos F. Tamás Száz jut minden ujjadra 31/7

Sipos F. Tamás Táncolj playboy! 31/1

Sipos F. Tamás Táncolj playboy!(ext.bhang)31/10

Sipos F. Tamás Titkos gondolat 31/3

Sipos F. Tamás Vesszen a háj! 31/6

Sipos F. Tamás Vesszen a háj!(fat dub) 31/11

Sirius: This is my life 27/12

Sister Sledge We are family 222/5

Sister Sledge: Lost in music 167/3

Sister: Hey sister 104/1/13

Skee-Lo: I wish 55/2/7

Skippy feat. King Lover: Started a joke 120/12

Sky high: 119/8

Sky Music Szignálok 136/40-90

Skyland: Don’t cry 91/5

Slavanie Avreml 84/1

Slavanie Fraylekh 84/11

Slavanie Lomir alle az der rebbe zingt sha still 84/4

Sleazesisters Let’s whip it up 253/5

Smax We want some p…! 215/2/3

Smax: We want some p...! 163/1/20

Smoke City Under water love 234/13

Smokie Who the f... is Alice 29/2/13

Smokie Who the f... is Alice 51/2

Smudge&Smith Near me 277/16

Snap feat. Summer The first the last eternity 146/11

Snap The first the last eternity 32/4

Snap Welcome to tomorrow 17/10

Snow Anything for you 80/6

Snow Babylon 80/5

Snow Bad men 80/2

Snow Dream 80/9

Snow If you like the sound 80/10

Snow Let’s get it on 80/12

Snow Murder love 80/4

Snow Rivertown 80/3

Snow Sexy girl 80/11

Snow Si wi dem nuh know we 80/1

Snow Things to say 80/13

Snow Time 80/8

Snow Yesterday 80/7

Softstrings (relax) 218/2

Soho Party A szerelem vár 24/5

Soho Party Baby, nem kell más 24/7

Soho Party Balatoni nyár 24/9

Soho Party Brutális szex 24/4

Soho Party Dilis a lány 24/2

Soho Party Dilis a lány(raggamix) 24/12

Soho Party Gyere táncolj! 24/1

Soho Party Gyere táncolj!(fantasy mix) 24/10

Soho Party Gyere táncolj!(tribal clubmix) 24/13

Soho Party Hideg van 24/6

Soho Party Miért nincs nyáron hó 17/18

Soho Party Miért nincs nyáron hó? 24/11

Soho Party Repülj velem 24/3

Soho Party Visszavárlak 24/8

Solar Eclipse: Silence 65/2/12

Soma: Dark koma 49/2/5

Something For The People feat. Trina&Tamara: My love is the shhh! 162/2/11

Something got me started 187/14

Something Nice The magnificent 214/8

Sonic empire 143/10

Soon as I get home (sybersoundmixes) 272/16

Sophie B Hawkins: As i lay me down 146/18

Sophie Zelmani I’ll see you in another world(live) 210/3

Sophie Zelmani Until dawn(live) 210/2

Sophie Zelmani You and him(album) 210/1

Sophie Zelmani You and him(live) 210/4

Soraya Quedate 189/2

Soraya Reason to believe 189/3

Soraya Stay awhile 189/1

Soul Asylum: Just like anyone 53/4

Soul II Soul: Love enuff 34/1/14

Soultans: I heard it trough the grapevine 179/1

Southern Boy Who the x is Alice 216/8

Space (relax) 218/4

Space Frog Lost in space ’98 163/2/15

Space Frog Lost in space ’98 215/2/5

Space Frog X-ray(folow me) 94/1/11

Spacehog Crack city 192/3

Spacehog Space is the place 192/1

Spacehog Starside 192/4

Spacehog The horror 192/2

Sparks: When I kiss you 32/16

Special Vinyl Turntable Mix 52/3/1

Speedy J. Pepper 49/1/3

Speedy J. Pullover 65/2/1

Spice Girls Stop(moralesremix) 221/1

Spider Murphy Gang: Skandal im sperrbezirk 76/2/3

Spike: It takes two(deeper love) 183/10

Spirit In The New World The lord of the dance 262/2

Spirit: Spirit 25/7

Spliff: Carbonara 76/2/2

Split Perfect bass 215/1/11

Squeezer: Blue jeans 68/1/10

Squonk Acid drop 283/11

Srī Hari Bande krishna 77/7

Srī Hari Basically 77/2

Srī Hari Brahman 77/6

Srī Hari Gaura nitai 77/1

Srī Hari Lecture into sound 77/5

Srī Hari Manasa deha geha 77/3

Srī Hari Radhe syam 77/4

Srī Hari The great mantra 77/8

Staccato Club: Do what you want 102/18

Stage: Voodoo dance 14/1/7

Staple Singers Will the circle be unbroken (gospel) 220/3

Stars 187/4

Stars&Stripes: Good morning America 127/1

Starwash: Disco fans 195/4

Stay 143/1

Stefan Raab Hier kommt die maus 68/1/4

Stefan Raab&Die Bekloppten feat. “Onkel Jürgen” Drews&Bürger Lars Dietrich: Ein bett im Kornfeld 29/2/14

Steinwolke: Katherine. Katherine 76/2/5

Steppenwolf Born to be wild 252/13

Steps better the devil you know 227/2

Steps Don’t be stupid 227/5

Stereo Mcs Connected 260/1

Stille nacht 108/2

Sting Desert rose 256/10

Stolen Kiss World The lord of the dance 262/6

Strike The morning after 34/1/8

Strike U sure do 146/10

Styloo: Pretty face 170/2/11

Sub Bass Monster özönvíz 281/2

Subito Tarzan boy 284/1

Subtopia: Move it 195/5

Sueno Latino feat.Valera Vix Noche diva 234/3

Sugarbabies: Magic in u 34/2/18

Sun Electric: Sarotti 49/2/1

Sundance: Sundance 166/2/11

Sunshine 143/14

Supergrass: Richard III version 147/1

Sven Väth Fusion 215/2/8

Sven Väth: Harlequin-the beauty&the beast 13/1/8

Sway: Yum yum 116/3

Sweet dreams (sybersoundmixes) 272/5

Sweetbox feat. Tempest: Booyah 29/1/13

Synad: I’m your women 202/1/15

Synclair& Wilde Africa 282/2

Synclair& Wilde Indian sorrow 282/7

Syndacate 305: I promise 35/6


Szécsi Pál A távollét 9/15

Szécsi Pál Csak egy tánc volt 9/19

Szécsi Pál Egy szál harangvirág 9/20

Szécsi Pál Én édes Katinkám 9/11

Szécsi Pál Gedeon bácsi 9/13

Szécsi Pál Ha nem vagy velem 9/17

Szécsi Pál Hetedik csapás 9/16

Szécsi Pál Himnusz a nyárhoz 9/6

Szécsi Pál Kék csillag 9/8

Szécsi Pál Két összeillő ember 9/3

Szécsi Pál Kismadár 9/12

Szécsi Pál Kósza szél 9/21

Szécsi Pál Könnyezem 9/7

Szécsi Pál Micsoda igények 9/10

Szécsi Pál Mint a violák 9/5

Szécsi Pál Ne félj 9/1

Szécsi Pál Nekem minden sikerül 9/14

Szécsi Pál Pillangó 9/9

Szécsi Pál Szegény bolond 9/21

Szécsi Pál Szeret-e még? 9/22

Szécsi Pál Szeretni bolondulásig 9/18

Szécsi Pál Talán, sok év után 9/4

Szécsi Pál Tárd ki ablakod! 9/2

Sziasztok lányok Szőke 279/12


T Spoon A part of my life 141/5

T Spoon Rockstar version 141/1-4

T Spoon Take me 2 the limit 61/3

T.C. 1992: Funky guitar 26/5

T.C. 1993: harmony 202/1/11

T.H.Express feat.Moe I’m on your side 216/17

T.H.K.: France 19/8

T.O.C.& Rocco Do wop she bop 248/12

T.P.F.F.: Nightlife 202/2/3

T.S.O.C. You make me feel 271/8

T>>Ma A.K.A. Falco: Mutter, der mann mit dem koks ist da 68/1/5

Tabular bells: 118/9

Tag Team: Here is it, bamm 21/1/14

Take me higher 257/6

Take That How deep is your love 179/10

Take That: How deep is your love 68/2/1

Talla 2XLC: Activate it 196/1/4

Talla vs Taucher: Together 166/2/13

Tamperer feat.Maya Hammer to the heart 227/8

Tanita Tikaram Feeling the witches 153/2

Tanita Tikaram Happy taxi 153/3

Tanita Tikaram I might be crying 153/1

Tanita Tikaram Lovers in the city 153/4

Tanja Monies Killing me softly 271/3

Tank Return of power 215/2/14

Tankcsapda: Félre a tréfát 87/1

Tarkan Salina salina sinsice 165/4

Tarkan Simarik version 165/1-3

Tata Box Inhibitors: Ribosomal 196/1/6

Tátrai Band Áttörés 7/9

Tátrai Band Az utolsó dominó 7/2

Tátrai Band Éjféli boogie 7/7

Tátrai Band Miért múlik 7/4

Tátrai Band Nagyvárosi ártalom 7/10

Tátrai Band Rugd le a cipőd 7/5

Tátrai Band Titkos szerelem 7/1

Tátrai Band Túl késő 7/6

Tátrai Band Végállomás 7/3

Tátrai Band Viharos part 7/8

Taz feat. The Producers Of Culture Beat: Taz will tanzen 104/2/17

T-Boys Éjfél után 178/7

T-Boys Ez a te éjszakád 178/3

T-Boys Hosszú, vidám nyár 178/1

T-Boys Jobb is így 178/5

T-Boys Szóljon neked egy dal 178/4

T-Boys Tombolj 178/3

T-Boys Úgy fáj 178/6

TCM: Betta pump it up 102/1

Tears For Fears: Raoul and the king of Spain 53/3

Technohead Headsex 55/1/4

Technohead I wanna be a hippy 29/1/4

Technotronic I want you by my side 116/13

Teeko X. Feat. Rod D.: Killing me softly 104/2/7

Temple Of Light: Temple of light 21/2/9

Ten Sharp: After all the love has gone 146/7

Tequeno: Aqui se puede 25/6

Terminator 2: 118/1

Terra Magica Amazing pipe 229/1/14

Terrorvision Celebrity hit list versions 213/1-3

Terry Hall: Sence 146/2

Tesox: So what you want me to do 65/1/4

Tetthely filmzene: 100/13

Texas When we are together 227/16

The age of love 143/9

The Backstreet Boys: I want it that way 172/5

The Bam Jam Band& Garry Wiggins Bam jam 282/13

The Bates: Billie Jean 179/12

The BC 52’s: Meet the Flinstones 17/9

The Beatles disco A hard day’s night 171/4

The Beatles disco Day tripper 171/5

The Beatles disco Eleanor rigby 171/9

The Beatles disco Get back 171/6

The Beatles disco Help 171/3

The Beatles disco Love me do 171/7

The Beatles disco Medley (mix) 171/11

The Beatles disco Paperback writer 171/8

The Beatles disco Revolution 171/10

The Beatles disco She loves you 171/1

The Beatles disco Ticket to ride 171/2

The Beatles Free as a bird 120/13

The Blue Boy Remember me(deepzonemix) 234/14

The Blue Boy: Remember me 94/1/19

The Boo Radleys: Wake up Boo! 146/1

The Braids: Bohemian rhapsody 179/8

The Brain feat. Claudia Brucken: I’ll find a way 195/6

The Brian Setzer Orchestra: This cat’s on a hot tin roof 172/12

The Bucketheads: The bomb! 32/18

The Caravans Jesus and me (gospel) 220/7

The Cardigans: Lovefool 94/2/2

The chase: 118/3

The Chekists: Global 49/1/11

The Christmas mix 239/1

The Christmas(acapella version) 239/11

The Chrystals: Da-doo-ron ron 11/15

The Connells New boy 146/17

The Connels ’74-’75 51/14

The Coydon S.D.A. Gospel Choir You’re all I need to get by (gospel) 220/9

The Crazy Drummer Party drums 279/2

The Creator Ole ole 280/7

The Cross Jordan Singers Come on children (gospel) 220/6

The Culture feat. Francesca: Kiss my lips 166/1/13

The Diamonds: Little darlin’ 152/8

The Disco Evangelists: De niro 93/2

The Dobbie Brothers Long train running 252/5

The Drifters: Honey love 152/3

The eve of the war: 118/10

The Everly Brothers Bye bye love 30/5

The Everly Brothers Claudette 30/12

The first noel 108/16

The Free Born crazy 27/10

The Free Dance the night away 195/11

The Funkjunkeez: Got funk? 163/2/16

The Future Sound Of London: Omnipresence 49/1/1

The Golden Gate Quartet Good news (gospel) 220/11

The Goodfella Happy children 275/6

The Harvest Riverdance 262/12

The Hed Boys: Girls+boys 17/8

The Holiday Dance Band: Happy birthday 12/16

The Holy Church Singers Midnight special (gospel) 220/12

The Human League: One man in my heart 146/15

The Hypnotist: My house is mine 52/1/7

The Kelly Family An angel 155/2

The Kelly Family Auld lang syne 155/10

The Kelly Family Baby smile 155/4

The Kelly Family Es waren zwei Königskinder 155/16

The Kelly Family Father’s nose 155/15

The Kelly Family Greensleeves 155/5

The Kelly Family Hiroshima, I’m sorry 155/20

The Kelly Family Key to my heart 155/14

The Kelly Family Let it be 155/7

The Kelly Family Let me people go 155/6

The Kelly Family Mull of kentyre 155/9

The Kelly Family Ode to joy 155/19

The Kelly Family Old McDonald 155/17

The Kelly Family Once in a while 155/13

The Kelly Family Roses are red 155/1

The Kelly Family Santa Maria 155/12

The Kelly Family Take my hand 155/18

The Kelly Family The wolf 155/11

The Kelly Family Who’ll come whit me 155/8

The Kelly Family Why why why 155/3

The Last Minister: Tribute to J.B. family 195/18    

The Lord Of The Dance The lord of the dance 262/1

The Mad Stuntman feat.Reel To Real I like to meve it 249/2

The Marples She’s gonna get you 249/15

The Montini Experience II: Astosyn 52/2/2

The Nightcrawlers: Surrender your love 34/1/18

The Original: I luv u baby 34/1/1

The Outhere Brothers Boom boom boom 29/1/9

The Outhere Brothers La la la hey hey 55/1/9

The Outhere Brothers Pass the toilet paper 215/2/12

The Outhere Brothers: Pass the toilet paper ’98 163/2/18

The Overlords: God’s eye 17/13

The Party Pigs: Lang zal die reevuh 142/17

The Pilgrim Travellers This little light of mine (gospel) 220/2

The Platters: Dance with me Henry 152/15

The Prodigy Firestarter 196/1/2

The Prodigy: Voodoo people 13/1/9

The Purple Kings: That’s the way you do it 13/2/8

The Quiet Boys: Never change 197/(10)=11!

The Rage Run to you 280/14

The Rapsody feat. LL. Cool J: Dear Mallika 163/2/6

The Raspberry Singers Let’s spread the news (gospel) 220/5

The Real Thing You to me are everything 222/16

The Reitrainers Biotrance 212/8

The Riders: Bang 21/1/9

The Safri Boys Chan meray makhna 230/1/4

The Safri Boys Punjabi shere 230/2/6

The Shamen Destination eschaton 196/1/8

The Shamen: Destination eschaton 34/1/5

The Shamen: Ebeneezer goode 19/2

The Sonic Family: Really true 35/4

The Sound Machine Long da lishkara 230/2/9

The Sweet Wig wam bam 252/16

The Switch Fever 214/12

The Tamperer feat.Maya Dj’s rule the world 232/8

The Tamperer feat.Maya Feel it 232/2

The Tamperer feat.Maya Feel it(klubbheadsmix) 232/10

The Tamperer feat.Maya Get up get it on 232/7

The Tamperer feat.Maya Gotta shine 232/3

The Tamperer feat.Maya I love being a girl 232/5

The Tamperer feat.Maya If you buy this record 232/1

The Tamperer feat.Maya Oo doggie 232/6

The Tamperer feat.Maya Step out 232/4

The Tamperer feat.Maya The heart of a memory 232/9

The Three Dagrees: Dirty of man 12/15

The Trouble Boys Absurd 217/3

The Trouble Boys Da-da-da ich lieb dich nicht, du liebst mich nicht 217/12

The Trouble Boys Dream the same dream 217/6

The Trouble Boys Good evening 217/9

The Trouble Boys Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space 217/2

The Trouble Boys Little fluffy clouds 217/5

The Trouble Boys No more solitude 217/8

The Trouble Boys Parsec 217/4

The Trouble Boys Sream 217/10

The Trouble Boys Step into my world 217/1

The Trouble Boys Summer rain 217/7

The Trouble Boys Together not alone 217/11

The Ultimate Dream: Ease yourself back into consciousness 102/29

The Un-X-Plained: Theme from the x-files 102/28

The Weather Girls feat. Jimmy Somerville: Star 104/1/7

The Working Girls: 7-tease(version) 184/1-2

Theme from Emmanuelle 160/17

This is your night (sybersoundmixes) 272/18

Three-O-Matic: Success 13/1/6

TI.PI.CAL feat. Josh Round and around 102/19

TI.PI.CAL feat. Josh Round and round 195/7

TI.PI.CAL The colour inside 116/8

Tiefschwartz meets Earth Wind& Fire Boogie Wonderland 2k 277/7

Tierra La bomba 285/6

Time Distortion Cold fusion 286/1/9

Time Modem: Zvyozony 49/1/4

Timo Maas&Gary D.: Die herdplatte 52/1/12

Tin Tin Out feat.Shelley Nelson Here’s where the story ends 221/8

Tina Turner Goldeneye 122/1

Tina Turner Soul deep 252/11

Tina Turner When the heartache is over 198/11

Tina Washington Games people play 285/9

TLC No scrubs 172/17

TLC Unpretty 183/12

TNN Ayayay cielito 13/2/1

TNN La cucamarcha 21/2/17

TNT Fogd a kezem 96/2

TNT Fogd a kezem(classic 12”mix) 96/3

TNT Rendőrnő 96/1

Toad The Wet Sproket: Brother 53/10

Todd Terry Project: Weekend 102/3

Tokyo Ghetto Pussy: Everybody on the floor 27/7

Tom Jones feat.Mousse T Sexbomb 227/4

Tom Wilson: Techno cat 29/1/5

Tommy Rose Hollywood lady 284/10

Toney D.: Funk it up 202/2/10

Toni Price Bluebird 266/10

Toni Price Boozy blues 266/8

Toni Price Dean and brandy 266/1

Toni Price Edge of the night 266/4

Toni Price Hey 26663

Toni Price Misty moonlight 266/5

Toni Price Obviously 5 believers 266/12

Toni Price Something 266/2

Toni Price Too close to you 266/6

Toni Price Too mutch coffee 266/13

Toni Price Tumbleweed 266/9

Tony Di Bart Do it 21/1/4

Tony Di Bart Do it 259/5

Tony Di Bart Do it version 259/12

Tony Di Bart Falling for you 259/1

Tony Di Bart Father 259/6

Tony Di Bart Secrecy 259/3

Tony Di Bart Stay a little white 259/10

Tony Di Bart The real thing 259/2

Tony Di Bart The real thing version 259/11

Tony Di Bart Turn your love around 116/1

Tony Di Bart Turn your love around 259/4

Tony Di Bart Turn your love around version 259/14

Tony Di Bart We got the love 259/9

Tony Di Bart We got the love version 259/15

Tony Di Bart What am I gonna do 259/8

Tony Di Bart Why did ya 259/7

Tony Di Bart Why did ya version 259/13

Tony Osborne: My bublichki 84/8

Tony Sweet&Dj Reel&Andy&Lali Gerappa 279/1

Total Dance Festival life 1995 61/1-15

Toto Coelo: Dracula’s tango 167/1

Towa Tei: Technova 29/2/11

Toy Box Tarzan&Jane 172/16

Toy-Box A thing called love 240/12

Toy-Box Best friend 240/3

Toy-Box E.T. 240/5

Toy-Box Earth, wind, water&fire 240/9

Toy-Box Eenie, meenie, miney, mo 240/11

Toy-Box I believe in you 240/8

Toy-Box Sayonara(Goodbye) 240/12

Toy-Box Super duper man 240/7

Toy-Box Tarzan&Jane 240/4

Toy-Box Teddybear 240/6

Toy-Box The sailor song 240/2

Toy-Box Toy-Box pictures presents 240/1

Toy-Box What about 240/10

Toys Of Ancient Gods Truth of the legends(it’s a dream) 20/4-6

Toys Of Ancient Gods Vimana II 91/6

Toys Of Ancient Gods Vimana version 20/1-3

Trance Atlantic Air Waves Chase 215/2/11

Trance Opera: Oleantus 21/1/15

Transformer 2: Fruit of love 26/12

Tri Yann: Si mort a mors 242/1

Trio Anna-lassmichrein lassmichraus 76/1/17

Trio Da da da,ich lieb dich nicht 76/1/15

Trio Turaluraluralu-ich mach bubu was machst du 76/2/18

Trouble feat.Mandel Turner Freedom 277/14

Troy Newman: Don’t make me ask 68/2/15

Tscto za khorr 70/10

Tscto za khorr 70/7

T-Shirt: Sexy thing 179/11

TWA: Nasty girls 34/2/1

Twenty 4 Seven Oh baby 61/12

Twenty 4 Seven Slave to the music 61/11

Twin peaks filmzene: 100/16

Two Boys: Don’t you know 202/1/6

Two Cowboys: Everybody gonfi-gon 21/2/2

Two Sens: Úgy fáj 178/6

Two Sheriffs: The cowboy remix 21/2/16


U 96: Seven wonders 94/1/16

U.M.I.: House is 197/(4)=5!

U.S.U.R.A.: Open your mnd 26/10

UFO Katonadolog 73/1

UFO Katonadolog(exhibitionist mix) 73/2

UFO Szabadon szállj!(osso mix) 73/3

UFO Szabadon szállj!(trance ethnic mix) 73/4

UKW Ich will 76/2/10

UKW Sommersprossen 76/1/13

Ultramatix: Sacrifice 14/2/3

Una: can you hear me 202/1/10

Unchained melody 160/8

Under Cover Baker street 251/14

Underworld: Spikee 49/1/10

Unique 2 Body heat 199/4

Unique 2 Cartoon 199/8

Unique 2 Changes 199/5

Unique 2 Emotions 199/10

Unique 2 Free! 27/16

Unique 2 Gotta keep movin’ 199/2

Unique 2 Iko (club-mix) 199/11

Unique 2 Iko 199/1

Unique 2 Loveline (long distance call-mix) 199/12

Unique 2 Loveline 199/3

Unique 2 No chance 199/6

Unique 2 Respect 199/7

Unique 2 Tender lover 199/9

Unique II. Take me higher 279/8

Unisex: Játssz velem version 177/1-3

United Gospel Singers L.A. The blood (gospel) 220/15

Unter dem doppelader 75/14

UP!: Stex 87/7

Urban Cookie Collective Bring it on home 13/2/14

Urban Cookie Collective Bring it on home 285/10

Urban Cookie Collective So beutiful 55/2/5

Urbanized feat.Silvano Helpless 280/13

Utah Saints: Ohio 34/1/21


Valerie Dore: The night 170/1/6

Van Adam Dj Crackhouse dream 212/2

Van bellen Let me take you on a journey 215/2/6

Van Zucken Den Haag mania 121/12

Vanessa Mae I feel love(klubbheadsmix) 221/4

Vanessa Williams: Colors of the wind 120/16

Vanilla No way no way(7”xenomaniamix) 221/12

Varga Lali feat.Andy Kiss me, hit me 287/1

Vengaboys Kiss(when the sun) 198/15

Vengaboys megamix 275/7

Vengaboys We’re going to Ibiza 172/10

Venus in blue jeans 130/2

Victor Jara: Cuba 69/2

Vidámpark: 1 péntek este 87/11

Video CD: Mary J. Blige: Be happy 197/1

Village People YMCA 253/14

Viosseniy dienn 70/14

Viper It’s a new day 215/2/16

Virtual Virtual cowboys 271/11

Virtualmismo Cosmonautica 270/1

Virtualmismo Mismoplastico 271/9

Vivaldi Concerto G-dur 173/13-15

Vivaldi Concerto Nr.10,op.3. 173/16-18

Vivaldi Négy évszak 173

Vivaldi Nyár 173/4-6

Vivaldi Ősz 173/7-9

Vivaldi Tavasz 173/1-3

Vivaldi Tél 173/10-12

V-Tech Éjfél után 178/7

V-Tech Ne játsz velem 126/2

V-Tech Várj 126/1

V-Tech Várj(isu club mix) 126/3


Wakan Wakan versions 209/1-2

Wakan We-he-yanna 209/3

Wall Of Sound feat. Gerald Lethan Critical (club mix) 93/3

Wall Of Sound feat. Gerald Lethan Critical (exclusive remix) 93/10

Wamdue Project: King of my castle 183/7

Warp 9: Whammer slammer 21/1/7

Warpigs: Luke’s dream 87/3

Wave 3 Through the black hole 286/2/6

Waveblower 2: Advance to the next state 52/2/11

Wax You're the only one 286/10

Way of the world 187/7

We Did: Swamp thing 21/2/11

Weather Girls It’ s raining man 253/1

Wes: Alane version 124/1-5

Westbam Crash course 215/1/3

Westbam Hard times 166/1/3

Westbam Terminator 196/1/3

Westlife I have a dream 227/9

Wet Wet Wet: Julia says 51/8

Wham Club tropicana 260/14

Wham Everything she wants ’98 215/2/18

Whigfield Baby boy 137/3

Whigfield Big time 216/2

Whigfield Forever on my mind 137/9

Whigfield Gimme gimme 137/7

Whigfield Givin’ all my love 137/1

Whigfield Last christmas 120/11

Whigfield Last christmas 137/13

Whigfield Lover 137/6

Whigfield Mega Ricks mix 137/14

Whigfield No tears to cry 137/2

Whigfield Saturday night 13/2/9

Whigfield Saturday night(edit ’97) 137/12

Whigfield Saturdy night 219/3

Whigfield Sexy eyes 68/1/6

Whigfield Summer samba 137/11

Whigfield Tenderly 137/4

Whigfield Think of you 29/2/9

Whigfield Think of you 34/1/13

Whigfield Trough the night 137/10

Whigfield What we’ve done for love 137/5

Whigfield Whiggy wiggle 137/8

White German Christmas 239/3

Wicked Wipe: Jack the beat 65/2/10

Wien blebt Wien 75/5

Wildchild: Renegade master 163/1/14

Will Smith feat. Dru Hill&Kool Moe Dee: Wild wild west 172/14

Will Smith Will 2K 198/14

Willis Bang bang 248/15

Wind of change 187/5

Wink Higher state of concionusness 216/6

Winx: Brighter side of life 13/2/12

Wippenberg: Neuro dancer 52/1/3

World Trib. Feat. Crucial Robbie: Raggarave 25/10

Worlds Apart Could it be I’m falling in love 17/2

Worlds Apart Everlasting love 179/5

Worlds Apart Everybody 122/6

Worlds Apart Just say I said hello 104/2/6

Worlds Apart Just say I said hello 68/2/19


X-Ander Pulstar 271/1

X-Caps: Neuro 65/2/3

XLNC Nach kudiye 230/1/2

XLNC Respect 230/2/11

XXL feat. “Cool Man” Steiner: It’s cool man 32/9

Xyberwolf: Dew 91/10


Yammi Pénz, ami éltet versions 207/1,2,4

Yammi Tedd meg 207/3

You learn (sybersoundmixes) 272/15

You oughta know (sybersoundmixes) 272/4

Your loving arms (sybersoundmixes) 272/11


Zindy Round’n’round 221/14